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Twokinds comic fan art

By Kiaun
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a twokinds fanart drawing that made some time ago

/// --> [link]

un dibujo fanart que hice para twokinds hace un tiempo atrás
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InkiCrow's avatar
Esta cabrón! se ve demasia'o cool! :headbang:
(perdon por la palabra)
Kiaun's avatar
jojoo, a mi hasta se me había olvidado este dibujo

me alegro que te haya gustado
HeroOfDisaster's avatar
This artwork is so.. so differend with your today arts. Especially your play of light and shadows. But it's pretty nice! ;)
Kiaun's avatar
ahh well, I was even more n00b when I drew that picture.

I was recently studying medicine and all that, weird days
HeroOfDisaster's avatar
found old posts
Kiaun's avatar
this is indeed an old piece. it was from the time I started to read webcomics xd
HeroOfDisaster's avatar
2kinds is one of the first webcomics i have read. Thanks to my native translator. x)
Kiaun's avatar
lol, I just stumbled across it some years ago, it was nice until some point, now I don't read it anymore... the plot got weird at some point
HeroOfDisaster's avatar
Same here.. When i have started the translation project, I stopped the reading of another comics.

2k is not so good in script, but characters are great.
Kiaun's avatar
I don't know, I mostly liked the tigress, maybe the other one with the helmet, but the rest not much
GeneralAleksandr's avatar
This is really good, comrade! Da, I am thoroughly impressed.
Kiaun's avatar
lol, this is a really old drawing, my drawings were even more lame in that time,

but thank you anyways xD
MercenaryX's avatar
I know someone that will love the fanart.
aqullion's avatar
Awsome artwork.
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