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Snow Leopard girl in the mountain

This was made for my Patreon as an exclusive image.

You can find the alternative versions of this picture at my patreon (like a cellphone size vertical version).

visit my Patreon ( ) and subscribe and among stuff you can get in the different tiers are:

- Bonus webcomic pages every week (early access) of Derideal and XEN
- WIP sketches, WIP of comic pages.
- Pinup exclusive pictures (fanservice)
- custom sketches and colored pictures as commissions in higher tiers.

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SHARK-008's avatar
She look a little sad, but it's really pretty. :)
Kiaun's avatar
Yeah, she is very nostalgic here. I had as reference a statue of a sad lady I found in Google x) 
SHARK-008's avatar
mmh use statues for reference, I never thought about that, interesting idea. :)
Kiaun's avatar
Well, I just Google general images. Cant remember why I got to statues but maybe it was by just random chance
SHARK-008's avatar
Oh ok X3 You google random images for inspiration?
Kiaun's avatar

yup. something like pose description , this was probably along the lines of "girl sitting" in google images haaha, then I just browse or try other keywords if I don't find exactly what I'm looking for

Cambion-Hunter's avatar
Beautifully detailed setting and she looks contemplative here.... ^^
Kiaun's avatar
Yeah, she does! I wanted that feeling 
Velisren's avatar
Gorgeous background art in this one. You did an excellent job at using all sorts of effects to simulate the snow and the distance of the mountains. Very serene

another gorgeous character as well. I like how she’s not wearing clothes despite the weather. 
Kiaun's avatar
There is a version with clothes on.... But she is a snow leopard, winter coat of fur
Acidarms's avatar
love the mountains
Kiaun's avatar
Chiletrek's avatar
 La chica se ve muy bien, las poses de sentarse no son tan fáciles como parecen ^^; . Pero lo que más resalta para mi son el fondo y los colores que usaste.
Kiaun's avatar
Sí, bueno, me interesaba sobre todo hacer el fondo al momento que pensé este dibujo. Es bien escénico no tan enfocado en el personaje
Chiletrek's avatar
Exacto, pero igual todos los elementos funcionan bien en conjunto.
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