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Derideal episode 1 PRIME cover

By Kiaun
Hey people! I'm happy to announce the beginning of a new Derideal!
I've been working in this new version of the original webcomic since 2 years now and I'm finally able to start publishing it!
If you haven't read the original one you will find new information and a different story respect the original, so it will be interesting for new and old readers!


Also on Patreon
 where if you support my work you'll also get a bonus update per week ;)
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Hey there, like wow... I decide to check out my DA after leaving it idle for years and you know I loved Derideal so many years ago, and it really shocked me to just hop on to check things out to see you're rebooting it! Nice! Keep up the great work! I've fallen a ways away from what I've wanted to be doing but it makes me happy to see this come back.
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Hey, I'm glad to hear again about you! 
I've been wondering that happened to you during all this time, but it's nice to see you back!
send me a note if you get to read the comics again! (or if you want to get in touch in telegram)
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I’m so excited! I remember when you said you weren’t going to be posting more of the original Derideal cause you were reworking the whole thing, but all that waiting has finally paid off! I’m looking forward to seeing what you have in store for all of us!
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The new story have good moments from the old story, plus many new things! everything happen differently, so it will be fun for people who like the old Derideal seeing how things happen in the new!
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You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this!
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me too, honest. I've spent so much time making the new comic xd.
it feels good now that I can start showing it to people.
I just hope it's good
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You'll do fine. Your art style is great and your writing is exponentially better compared to way back then.
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Thanks! be sure to follow the updates at my website. I'm not sure if I'm going to post the comic here yet (it's too time consuming posting the comics everywhere)
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