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Name: Kiata Ann Havoc
Age: 20
Birth day: March 7th, 1902
Relationship Status: Single
History: Used to live in Resembul with her mother and sister and brother while her father was in the war. After her father died her older brother moved to Central to take their fathers place as a State Alchemist. When her sister Jess died when she was killed by her aunt, her mom left her and Kiata got lonely and used human transmutation on her sister. After that happened, she lost her left arm and now it is auto mail. She has a mechanic, but every once in a while she asks Winry for help. Once Kiata was 16 she decided to live with her uncle Jean Havoc. Once Kiata turned 19 her mother died of a heart attack. That was when her life fell apart.
Appearances: Kiata wears random clothing, but most of the time she wears a black skirt with a green tank top- most of the time she wears a black jacket to hide her auto mail left arm.
Likes: Sweets, music, dancing, singing, making new friends.
Dislikes: Thunderstorms.
Sex orientation: Bi-sexual somewhat.
Here's Kiata's new profile~ :3 I hope it's alright.
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