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TakeruxHikari: Hope and Light

I'm really obsessed about this couple...again...
Anyways, I originally wanted to make angemon and angewomon warp digivolving in the background, but I was a too lazy so I just made there crests. xP I even started a fanfic.Its here [link] (Warning: its not very good >< ). yeah. wow...I need a new anime. If anyone has a suggestion of an anime please tell 8)
But anyways,
please, enjoy^___^
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Takeru's crest is yellow. It's a shame that they changed his digivice into a green D-3 instead of yellow. 
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Your art style's really interesting.
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This is really good!
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What could I say? Fantastic! :D
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Awww, it's cute!

As for a new anime: Wolf's Rain.

Digimon comes and goes for me. I get really obsessed every four years or so... The most recent period of obsession hasn't quite ended yet, but my group started watching Wolf's Rain and we're more excited about cosplaying that than Digimon or Vocaloid or any of our other stuff right now... ^^;

But if you do watch it, be very careful about spoilers. I was stupid enough to go on wikipedia (looking for the VA- and it WAS Izzy and Tai's voices, I was right...) so i found out everything when I was still on ep 3. But seriously, you can't type any of the character's names into youtube without spoilers coming up in the suggested searches!!

Eh, sorry for rambling ^^;
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sigh... digimon will always live on!
hahaha adventures and 02 was the best

takari was my favorite for sure, though! :) :heart:
ill read your fic soon! i was writing one, too... but i kinda let it go! i think it was fairly good

btw, sorry for the spamming with comments
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thankyou~ ^^
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Your art style is great. :clap:

I love the outfits! :love:

Hope to see more. (I know what you mean about this anime. I just can't stop. It's like I'm addicted. :XD:)
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lol~ thankyou :'DD
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love the rough look
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Thanks xDD
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awesome picture !!! I love your art style ^w^ And your fanfic is brilliant i can't wait for more !!!!!
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Yeah, I havent gotten a chance to finish that fanfic. But I should be able to get through it soon, only about 1 or 2 chapters left xDDD. I'm glad you like it -nod-
RedFox-47's avatar
no problem ^^
Yaaaaaay !!! I can't wait to read more !!! -nod nod nod- Yup !!!
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I'm glad you like it^^
I actually just finished the final chapter! [finally]
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wait, i read it !!! Awesomenessssssss !!!!!!!!! Fantastic fanfic !!! I totally loved it !!!
RedFox-47's avatar
no probs :D
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay !!!!!! Is it up on the fanfic website ??? :excited:
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Aww.. thats so cute.. I love that couple too and although thats not the background that you intended to make I still think its great. Someday I hope that I can be at least almost as good at makin' them as u r!
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thanks! and dont worry, u will ^___^ im not that good (:
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i love the couple too!
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