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SSB: Super Mario Stars
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Published: May 1, 2008
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Hello all!
Guess what, Im not dead! [yet] Just been really busy xD
But anywho~ I got this idea during history class, Im gonna draw take on [yet another] new project! Gonna draw all of the Smash brother characters in this type of manner and kinda mess with their styles a little. See I made the Mario characters anime-ish like! harharhar xD [mario be skinny xO O noes!] And wow I had a lot of fun drawing Peach, her dress was sooo meticulous, it was a lot of fun [im gonna draw more dresses from now on]. I also had a lot of fun revamping the human characters from their semi-cartoon style to an anime style [loved doing wario]. Oh ya...and all the backgrounds were extremely rushed, i got lazy xD.
But from left to right:

Mario-Never really liked mario that much xD He's ok, pretty decent in ssb, but never really got attached to him in any of his games. [see the white thingy in Mario's hand? Thats suppose to be his DR. jacket, see the pill? xDD Just kinda a reminder that DR. Mario used to be a character D: RIP: DR. Mario ]

Luigi~!!- I LOVE luigi, i dunno why, maybe just cuz hes the younger brother and im the younger brother...? ne? xD He was a lot of fun to play with in melee, but i havent really played with him a lot in brawl. But I really loved his Luigi's Mansion game, they should make a sequeal! [why didnt they give luigi a vacuum in brawl O___O?]

Peach- eh? nothing really to say about her...except she needs to stop getting kidnapped >>.

Yoshi- Nothing to say bout him either, hes annoying to fight with his egg rolling and the constipation sounds he makes xP

Wario!!!- I LOVE wario too, hes soo funny, all of his moves just makes me laugh whenever I play as him. And I love playing with him just cuz of the jiggle-fat-goodness xD

Bowser- Has a weird obsession over peach O__O...hes actually considerably better in Brawl, my brother likes playing with him sometimes, hes pretty good xD

DK- Big apes are kool. dont deny it. My brother likes playing DK when ever we do team battles [DK and Ivysaur are one hell of a combo].

Diddy- is F*(%ing annoying! my friend always plays as diddy and hes sooooooo annoying, his stupid banna peel xOOOO I hate it xD

well thats about it, either gonna do the star fox set or kirby set next. But I think I'll draw some digimon next time i get some time to draw.
-newayz enjoy~!

Mario Series: [link]
Kirby Series: [link]
Star Fox Series: [link]
Legend Of Zelda Series: [link]
Pokemon Series: [link]
Bounty Hunters: [link]
Strategy Heros:[link]
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ilovepokemonlegendsHobbyist Artisan Crafter
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TwistedToonTaylorHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Nice job on all of the mario characters.
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jakeroo123 Writer
Iterestingly, seven of these are known as the 'Star children'- everyone but Diddy Kong is one of the seven star children of the Mario series.
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wario bowser is cooler then bowser (bowser isnt really that cool)
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artist-00Student Writer
awsome Pic luvs it and Favs it
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Gamer092Hobbyist Traditional Artist
My favorites gotta be Mario and Luigi! Why? They just look badass XD
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thank you! :'D
I actually want to draw more mario and luigi, hmmm >:]
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Gamer092Hobbyist Traditional Artist
please do, you draw them really well!
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SunaBunaHobbyist General Artist
i clicked for this one mainly to see bowser, and he looks awesome! :D

I like Yoshi too..he looks cute. xD And luigi...I will always like him over MArio. Eh.
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haha thank you!! >:'D
Looking back on this picture now though, I feel like I should have done more on DK and diddy...they were really more afterthoughts on this piece :\
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SunaBunaHobbyist General Artist
bwaaa I think they look good :3
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KidArtist14Hobbyist General Artist
You made Bowser look awesomely menacing. Good job. :thumbsup::)
Kiarou's avatar
haha thanks! :'DD
roflbarkmoo's avatar
need to add :iconwaluigiplz: to the evil bunch D:
Kiarou's avatar
haha~ i would, but he wasn't a playable character in ssbb :[[
a really really dumb decision on the game designers part IMO
roflbarkmoo's avatar
excuses =_= and yes it is IMO as well...
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lol sexy Luigi XD
Kiarou's avatar
It's LuuWeegieee
xD and thanks x3
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Oh man, I LOVE the way the Mario Bros. and Peach turned out. Especially Luigi. Cause he's awesome.
Kiarou's avatar
lol~ thanks
and me too! Luigi rocksssssszzz >:'D
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wow! i love this one!
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