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(P) A World of Reds and Blues by KiariAnn93 (P) A World of Reds and Blues by KiariAnn93

"In a world of such vibrant reds and blues, it is hard to be grey... Imagine the most beautiful rainbow that you could see, and filter out the colors to shades of one color. It is so difficult to live in such a state... Exhausted and alone, the color sapped from the world. But... with you, there is a splash of those vibrant reds and blues I've so sorely missed."

OKAY. This piece started out as a bored doodle. I wanted to draw and haven't had the time or motivation to lately. I decided to try out a new style. I've tried doing painted of sorts before, but I've never truly done a painted piece like this. The majority of it was on one layer before I added in some extra bits here and there. I'm honestly super happy with this and think I'll do some more painted pieces in the future. Because it turned out really well and it was so satisfying to clean up the different areas. Plus, it really didn't take me that long. Only a couple days!

The storyline behind this is that Akuji really doesn't sleep or do that well overall. His words aren't to be taken completely literally, but in a way, they're true. He doesn't generally see the good in things, hence the whole "it is hard to be grey" comment. He's speaking to those closest to him, telling them that he brought back color, aka positivity, into his world.

Time taken: Approximately 12 hours over a span of three days
Programs used: Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop

Character and Artwork (c) KiariAnn93
Do not copy, trace, or use this art in any way.

Robltically Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
YAS. YAS YAS. GET. IT. GURL. YES!!!!!!! fuck yeah fuck yes
KiariAnn93 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Akhbsdlgjsjgn <3
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