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Watchmen Clock

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If you've read the book then the picture speaks for itself.

That is my interpretation of Adrian Veidt's actions, anyway.
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As MeganPhntmGrl said, many see him as a savior figure, who sacrificed his humanity (when he said that he could "feel" everyone's deaths) in order to save humanity.

However, I disagree in that I believe that's how he sees himself. My interpretation is that he parallels the man in the black freighter story; while trying to do a good thing, he ended up causing much more harm. As is shown in this picture, I believe his actions, rather than stopping the doomsday clock, simply delayed it for five minutes.
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I wonder if that was deliberate?
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There's also the fact that Veidt is an ironic, dark version of the messiah figure- and look at the swords behind his hands. It looks like his hands are being pierced (a la stigmata).
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That blew my mind. Awesome. ^^
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thank you! I'm glad someone thought so. when i first saw it, i was like OMG!
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OMFG. That is awesome!
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