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I can't stop crossovering everything with Amnesia. Now it's Pathologic turn.
Through all game if I read about the lines of body, I heard Daniel's voice in my head repeated this phrase :[
Also I don't know how "менху" was in english, so maybe I'm wrong.

A little bonus (in russian):
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YES YES YES glad i'm not the only one who thought about that xD
Hermit9081's avatar
Daniel, please...
campestris's avatar
А затем тело встаёт и оказывается Младшим?
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У Дэниэла, наверное, очень хорошо бы получилось делать паперкрафты...
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Главное убедить его, что  бумагу складывать, а не резать. Не то это уже конфетти будет.
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Ну, наносить краску, резать по линии и клеить, клеить... Это ж можно очень много всего поклеить!
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This comic is just Perfect XD Daniel you creepy crazy bastard, stawp x'DDD
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Ha-ha, thanks :D
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Классный кроссовер.:D (Big Grin) 
Kiany-kun's avatar
Рада видеть одобрение :dance:
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I love the pacing and their expressions. You're comic timing is awesome :clap:
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Thank you, dude! As always :D (Big Grin) 
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ржала в голос XD
Kiany-kun's avatar
Рада, что не меня одну с этого вперло :XD:
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the last panel is just perfect xD
your style is lovely ♥
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Oh my, thanks! \;_;/
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>I can't stop crossovering everything with Amnesia.
I know that feel. :iconthatfeelplz:

Never heard about Pathologic, but you're getting me curious! :D
I love how you drew Daniel's expressions in this one though, they crack me up every time I scroll back up! :rofl:
Kiany-kun's avatar
Let me hug you bro :iconiknowthatfeelplz:

I don't know how his face became so weird, but I it turned suitable. Thanks! :XD:
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Daniel!!! What.Are.You.Doing, crazy freak? XD
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"Painting dead bodies with curlicues, what's the problem?"
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