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I couldn't show the atmosphere of this wonderful game, but I really want to draw something.
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Amazing art! Love how you drew all the characters.
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What an awesome representation of the game. I never expected to see it rendered this way. Your lineart is amazing and so is your coloring, really professional work there, but what I like the most about it is how you added several important elements from the game, in particular the middle panel. I also notice the panels represent the characters' final stance on what should be preserved in the story. Additionally, it seems to me you tried to evoke a light and dark theme with the colors on top and bottom?

However, could you explain the top panel to me? I can see it's the Polyhedron, but I really don't recall where does it display that text...

Also great job on the expressions, they fit the characters really well.

You are an extremely good artist, keep up the good work. And this drawing is one of the best ones I've seen about the game. An easy +favorite!
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Oh my, I didn't expect such a reaction o_o Thank you, really! It was pleasant to read this comment.
About the Polyhedron - Bachelor said, that he see it done from the paper. And if you look, you can see some text and drawing on it… Maybe I added a little bit more than needed ^^;
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Dang, it's true. I completly forgot it was all covered with text, it's been so long. Really makes you wonder who the heck wrote all that and what it means exactly haha

It's like, the game ends, the disease gets ridden of, you (kind of) understand how it all started...but you still can't understand what the Polyhedron is. If I remember well, not even the architect knows.

Such a mysterious game, I love it!
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Have you read "The house that..."? The concept is really similar with Polyhedron, i think :)
If it's not a secret, which final you think more right?
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I haven' you have a link to it? I can't find any results for it on Google

That's a really tough question. I suppose the Haruspicus ending is the most humane, since it destroys a building I myself don't know the purpose of and preserves the town folk...But to me it seems the town itself and the people in it are so corrupt, depressing and lead such desolate lives that the plague is just trying to cleanse them and put an end to that existence

If I have to choose between one of the 3 character endings, I'd choose the Haruspicus'. But if I can choose between all the endings you can actually accomplish, I'd say "walking away" and letting the plague run its course feels more in tone with the idea of the game, to me

How about you? What's your opinion?
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Wow, I didn’t expect that it would be so hard to find it in English :O Sorry, I can’t find it too :[ Maybe it’s not translated yet. The author is Mariam Petrosyan, if it helps.

Almost the same. Except sometimes I want to ask Block destroy and the town, and the tower. But, since we haven’t such an option, I choose Haruspicus’ final. Yes, Polyhedron is a real miracle that can’t be repeated, but it seems not a good thing, which is kidnap children from the reality.  How they could grow up after this? And the town… you said everything right, but it also a big food complex, which supplies beef entire north-eastern region of the Country (by the information from official wiki). So it have chance to live.
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I've managed to find an excerpt from book one! That actually wasn't so hard. Though it appears there's another title called "The House, in Which" which I assume is just another translation of the title? I'll be reading it soon

Yeah the Polyhedron is miraculous but it really didn't seem to contribute anything to people's welfare, it was just an obsession. I'm not even sure if they do find out if it had anything to do with the sand plague. I remember the theory about it burrowing into the earth (no idea how) and reaching carcasses of long buried cattle, which caused the plague to come to the surface...but if I remember well, the Haruspicus comes to a different conclusion than that

I haven't thought about preserving the city because of the Abattoir...They really did a great job on not making any ending seem "perfect" and easy to choose. But that's an interesting way of seeing it

Also, you live in Russia? Isn't the game set there? Do small towns like the one in the game actually exist over there? I would absolutely love to visit that kind of place
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Yeah, it might be another translation :) I hope you like it.

There were too much versions of the plague reason. That which you describe, that in which Clara brings it, the Polyhedron's kids story (I don't know, how they called in english version. Those, whom we see in the garden at the end of the game)...

Yes, I'm from Russia and the game too :aww: We have a lot of such towns, but I don't think Ice-Pick Lodge inspired by a certain place. It's a collective image, I suppose.
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Вот это суперарт. Респект.
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Ох, спасибо большое :huggle:
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Thought about "Pathologic" while playing "TES: Skyrim" and thought. "Pathologic" got much more better soundtracks than "TES: Skyrim".
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Well, I can't really agree, but "Pathologic" soundtrack is highly suitable for the game :aww:
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Just, "Skyrim" got boring soundtracks. And that "epic" soundtrack that plays in menu and in battle with dragons. It's so boring and a bit dumb. I spotted some places where "Skyrim" should have music like "Pathologic". for example when entering the abandoned houses, normal soundtrack plays, like you were walking on the street in the town. I think, "Skyrim" is overated.
 And I started this conversation, cuz I wanted to talk to somebody.
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I played long time ago and don't remember it actually. Maybe it not various enough, but certainly not bad. About that Skyrim overrated I agree. I expect something better, but it's not a music problem :XD:
That's ok :) Sorry for my not understandable english.
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I understood your english. Thanks for the attention.
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I don't know what game this is but I think you did a beautiful art piece :clap:
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It's Pathologic. And thanks :dance:
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I'll have to look it up. :D

And you're welcome :pat: I always love seeing new art from you :)
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