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Rain drops On A Window Tutorial

By Kianite
This is a quick and dirty tutorial setup on making rain drops on glass.  It was a fun little experiment last night and thought I should share.
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amazing tutorial! thanks :D

fireytika's avatar
OMG this is amazing! thank you ^^
shmekldorf's avatar
Thanks for this tutorial! I tried it out
Window Rain by shmekldorf
ladylaguna's avatar
Awesome!! Thank you for sharing!
FeelingSoBread's avatar
This is amazing! Thank you so much for this awesome tutorial!!
Nessie-Loch's avatar
My goodness this is amazing
dmf0's avatar
TQ for your tips
ArtChallengeAcademy's avatar
LTFoxFire's avatar
Can't see to find any of these options in MS Paint though. :(
CosmosKitty's avatar
MS paint isn't really all that great for drawing in my opinion, there's plenty of free programs designed for digital art that are better alternatives Nod  
LTFoxFire's avatar
I was joking just a bit. :)
I do remember using MS Paint for the old days of GIF creation, altering an image pixel by pixel.  I still use Paint Shop Pro 5 for a good amount of image editing, it's a small, low overhead program and I use Corel draw for more advance editing. 

I tried to get into Gimp but I'm not 100% into it yet.   Good to hear from you and thanks for reaching out to me.
CosmosKitty's avatar
No problem then :D
HopeDiamond101's avatar
Amazing! Thank you for the tutorial! :)
MC-Gemstone's avatar
wow that's really clever 0.0
2Swords's avatar
 It went from splots to rain drops. So cool.
Unclaimed-Username's avatar
It looks so amazing *-* thank youuu <3
DragonPinata's avatar
imagni's avatar
holy craaaaap THIS IS AMAZING *U* Thank you for sharing!!
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