List all the MLP Next Gen artists you can! READY GO!
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Try not to use the mention system so they're not spammed with notifications!
Just link to their page maybe?
Or type out their name?
Just don't spam them!
(sorry if you next gen artists end up getting spammed anyways)

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Super duper late but whatever...
-Skitties-Strawberries (GingaNinjaOwO...?)
-Some other people who I can't remember
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I know this is late. BUT SHRAPNEL, you, hikariviny and some others.
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You, lopoditty, faith wolf, pandacakes, and a few others who I think of their works and yours as part of a multi-verse of timelines, each a parallel of the other due to the paths created by the mane six's choices, but all within a realm of existence that mirrors our own and several others guarded by beings chosen by the light *cough*god*cough* to protect and maintain them from the overall forces of the darkness and oblivion of the void.( sorry for typos on the names.) this is kinda like mortal kombat ( one of the best fighter games ever!)
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You, me, Lopoddity, um, well Cheshire kaat I think.Heart Stabber Shrug Icon Shrug Free Shrugs! + PLZ Pearl Emote 31 
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You, loppoditty, vavakung, Faith-Wolf and abaut 5 unsignificant ones who don't have strong characters.
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Anyone who has seen these characters, like how could you not at least doodle them? I mean I had to! So you, me and the world <3
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You. lopoddity, me........
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Ummm Lopoddity..Machikochan, you...ummmmm
Myself?? Uhhh damn my memory is horrible!
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Ah I dont really know any besides you and loppodity (nervous laughter) but imybloom posts next gen stuff, even though she is newish
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aside from you and loppy i dont really know any |'D

i got my own next gen, but i dont draw them much cause i hate their designs QAQ
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I do next gen sometimes but I don't post them really much..... and also it's kinda strange......
I did a family tree but it's a Little complicated to explain....... also: new ponytype, which competes different styles I guess.....
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Me, MoonSahpirre, iPandaCakes, you, CookieCat333, and MoondreamerLBP.
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Me? i dunno, i'm too lazy to scan all my next gen drawings, but i have lots of them, and yeah, Lopoditty, Pikokko and PitterPaint are my senpais Ene (Fangirling) [V10] 
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I know me 'cause I'm staring out (kinda)
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I nearly forgot about!

I knew I was forgetting someone. 
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You're welcome! I can't believe I forgot to mention you in my first comment, especially since I really like your Next Gen. ^-^
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You and Loppodity are the only ones I know. And the main awesome ones
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I remember more hikariviny, pikkoko, myself, yaaco17
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