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When the Stars Align

A fanfic that's coming out very soon. I'll update with a link when it's up :D

OC on the right doesn't belong to me. He belongs to the writer of this fanfic who you shall know soon :)

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I don't know why...but my sister ships them
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Kilala-chan please make starfall one of your canon mlp generation member!!!!!
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Sooo cute love it
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this is now my otp's so freaking cute.
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You are gonna love it even more when there is a sequel to the story:"Stars in the making"and borsuq already update the story about a week ago☺
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whaaaaaaaaaaat! oh my gosh. why didn't i know about this sooner?!
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Just type "Stars in the making" in google and the story will come out.😊And I am sure that borsuq would be very happy to hear that another fan has supported the ship.
I like this  pairing so much...
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AHHHH can't wait to see what happens next AHHHH
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They make a cute couple!!(*o*)
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I think Starburst and Starfall make a cute couple.  I'm praying that King Sombra is not his father, because that just brings up too many confusing questions.
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As for who his dad could be, there was speculation in the story that he was part dragon.  That's a different idea.
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Besides, I have my own ideas about what to do with Sombra.
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You're probably not interested in finding out, are you?
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shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipppppppppp :iconovariesplz:
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i just need more from this two, i need the sequel
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