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Upside Down

Happens right after Little Nightmare by kilala97

I take no credit for this idea as it was made up by :iconpurfectprincessgirl: in a comment from the deviation mentioned above :D I feel so stupid for not coming up with the idea myself XD Didn't ask for permission to use the idea so I will remove this if you wish PurfectPrincessGirl 

Nova's poses and Luna's faces were the most fun to do :D Also, batpony wings are a beach to draw.  Especially when trying to foreshorten them

I still don't really like shipping OC's with canon characters TT-TT Feels weird to me
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So much cuteness. :la::la:
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So... for how long has Luna known Supernova and Nidra?
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Of course. Bats sleep upside down
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ROFL I love it, this is parenting at its best right here! :rofl: :clap:
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i'm not a fan of my little pony(it's just too happy for me) but this comic still makes me laugh.
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This is the cutest thing I've seen all day!!! <3 
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Point for the cute and smart husband
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super adorable !!!!
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typically I don't enjoy ocs x canon, but this is really adorable, and the oc is really well designed. Cute idea, but I do wonder, are batponies a thing in the show or this just a fanon thing?
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They're part of Luna's royal guard in Luna Eclipsed and Nightmare Moon's guard in The Cutie Re-mark
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ohhhhhh, so batponies are canon, but much later into the show. I also forgot Fluttershy was one temporarily. I haven't watched the show in so long.
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they appear in a couple of episodes ^_^
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ah, I hadn't known since I haven't watched the show in so long. I heard the Cutie Mark Crusaders also got their cutie marks, did that actually happen?
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Lunaaaaa <3333
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