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Starburst is like a therapy dog for Dove lel. Wasn't gonna do a dialogue but it's been requested and people where wondering what happened to Dove. I thought the gashes on the tree would be a bit more noticeable XD


Star: Dove? Dooooooove? You better not be out here........*walks to the giant tree to see Dove stumbling around*

Dove: Nnnnnnnggggggh.... *hits head on the tree*

Star: Hey, hey! Stop *runs over to Dove*

Dove: *turns around* Mon Canari?

Star: Dove your horn! It's broken!

Dove: *giggles* I got it this time~

Star: That's not a good thing! Look at you! You're a mess! And all bruised up!

Dove: *shrinks back* Désolée......

Star: Don't be sorry. Do you at least feel okay?

Dove: *shakes head and starts tipping over*

Star: *catches Dove* It's because you broke your horn

Dove: *groans*

Star: Do you need to go to a hospital?

Dove: *shakes head* I don't want to move

Star: *sighs* I thought you were done doing this. Did the feather cape we gave you help

Dove: It helps me go to sleep.................. 

Star: That's kinda frustrating. I thought for sure it would help a bit.

Dove: ......... sorry

Star: Shhh, stop saying you're sorry. 

Dove: I really am really trying to stop....

Star: I know.... it's probably really hard.... I just really don't like seeing you hurt yourself

Dove: But it stops the pain magic causes me...

Star: We really need to figure out how to help you take your mind off yourself

Dove: This works *starts preening Stars wings*

Star: Um...... okay

Dove: *starts slowing down and begins to just nom on Star's wings*

Star: Heh, hey, you're drooling on my wing!

Dove: Omnomnom....

Star: *smirks*


Goes back to the headcanon that unicorns get woozy when their horn breaks

Dove stuff in order:
Broken Horn by kilala97Hurting by kilala97Covering by kilala97Feathers by kilala97
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