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i hate drawing horses
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no u don't, shhh
Very lively. Love that eyebrows in starlight :D
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She got the deadly, "Do me eyes," disease! XD
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Those eyes from Trixie though...<3
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Good thing there pony's huh? ^^
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Ignore everyone else xD I think this drawing is fine and it's cool that you don't enjoy ponies. You do you. I mean I like mlp as much as the next brony but I love your SU art. Your gems are so cool! ^^
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I love your work but this piece is a little...lackluster. The eyes are hollow and Starlight looks like she's blind. Overall pretty decent compared to your previous simple sketches.
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i don't know about that but either way she's expressed her distaste for drawing ponies so it's fair that it's not "up to par" with her usually work
if you don't like work that isn't pony related i wouldn't bother continuing to watch her
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You are assuming that I don't like her other art, and I now know she hates drawing horses through the picture in itself. My comment was constructive criticism and nothing more, if you had read my comment properly you would've noticed that at first it says that I love her work, meaning her art in general, not just the horses.
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Crush?! Base by Eclipse81longheart thought you should see this, and they've made another base of your work too...
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Hello! I just wanted to give you sincerest wishes! I've been following your art for a long while now, and I've loved it all :3 You said you're tired, and I hope you feel better soon! We love you!
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omg thank you, that is so sweet <33
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Don't get me wrong but their eyes make them look... a little possessed
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why do hate drawing horses i lurve horses instead of ponais  and also i only know that you love to draw humans
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why do you hate draw horses???
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Pretty ponies being gay. It's a beautiful thing. Ahh, I just really like this piece and I don't know why? The colors, your art style, it's all so just nice to look at. 
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She prefers drawing humans
well don't they look cute together!!
great picture!!
(why do you hate to draw horses?)
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Why do you hate drawing horses?
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