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Silly Faces



Silly faces never fail to make Amber smile

Lucky and Hot Head never knew this until they were older


Lucky: Hot Head hurry up! We need to go!

Hot Head: Chill out! Don't rush me!

Lucky: *rolls his eyes and mocks Hot Head with a silly face* "Bleh don't rush me"~ 'Canterlot's fastest pony' my ass....

Amber: *giggles*

Lucky: Hm? *turns to Amber* What's so funny?

Amber: Nothing

Lucky: What? You like my Hot Head impression? *makes the face and opens mouth to speak*

Amber: *starts chuckling and covers her mouth*

Lucky: Oh, my faces? *makes more silly faces*

Amber: *struggling to hold back laughter* L-Lucky stop

Lucky: Never! I will break you! *continues to make faces and gets closer to Amber*

Amber: *mouth quivers and she bursts out laughing*

Lucky: There it is!

Amber: *begins sparkling and lets out a huge snort*

Lucky: *chuckles* Oh wow

Amber: *covers mouth* Ah, this is so embarrassing!

Lucky: Heh, I think it's cute. And jeeze, that made ya happy, huh? I haven't seen you this..... sparkly in forever.

Amber: I– yeah *lets out a small chuckle* I dunno why. I just like when ponies make funny faces.

Lucky: How come you never told us?

Amber: I dunno. Seemed kinda silly. Makes me seem a bit childish haha.

Lucky: It's just your sense of humor.

Amber: I guess so *smiles*

Lucky: *chuckles* Well, guess who's gonna abuse this new information~

Amber: .......... you better not.

Amber: *crying and wailing as Isis runs around*

Isis: U-um here Amber! Look! It's Mr. Breezie! He wants you to smile. Why don't you play with him?

Amber: *looks at her stuffed toy for a second and begins crying again*

Isis: *groans* Herb? I need– R-right, he's out working....... Nngh, what do I do?

Amber: *continues to cry louder and louder*

Isis: Nonono, don't cry sweetheart...... Oh hungry! Are you hungry? *lies down next to Amber and prompts her to nurse*

Amber: *refuses and whimpers*

Isis: C'mon, not hungry? Gassy maybe? Oh Amber, I don't know what I'm doing..... I'm such a horrible parent.....

Amber: *keeps bawling*

Isis: *sighs* Pllllleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase stop crying...... *presses her muzzle to Amber's and crosses her eyes*

Amber: *stops crying and stares at her mommy*

Isis: Hm?

Amber: *giggles*

Isis: *crosses her eyes again*

Amber: *starts making gurgling noises*

Isis: That's it? You were just being a grumpy pants? *rolls over, making silly faces at Amber*

Amber: *giggles and claps her hooves*

Isis: Oh my goodness you're so moody. You're going to be a nightmare for your coltfriend. *puffs out cheeks and sticks out tongue*

Amber: *boops Isis on the nose*

Isis: *giggles* But you'll be worth it


Yay for silly faces
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