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Poor Rarity. XD

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So cute and funny at the same time
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Well she did get her attention.
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What happened to the next gen fun facts 3?
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Kia lost interest in mlp, and she doesn't post often, i think due to her job.
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To be fair the show's finally over...makes sense really.
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Oh, she stopped before the show was over, but still good point.
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Yeah, but maybe she saw the writing on the wall. Otherwise this work is adorable.
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Can't argue with that, it is pretty adorable.
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when I first saw this on youtube with voicing, it makes it really good and funny
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Little Clarity is so adorable!
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this this friggin cute XD love it <3
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That roaring tho is so cute!!!! XD
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jajajajaja, genial.
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I can just imagine Spike rolling around clutching his sides in the next room, trying not to die from laughter. Clarity's just like "What the heck noise did my mom just make?" It's so freaking cute I love it. 
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This is hilarious AND adorable! Love their expressions.
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i was laughing so much
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