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Icy: Whirlwind! H-hi! 

Whirlwind: Oh, hey kid. How're you?

Icy: Pretty good. What about you? I haven't seen you around in a really long time.

Whirlwind: Oh, well, I mean......... you should know why.

Icy: *stares at her with a blank expression*

Whirlwind: Because..... we broke up.... your brother and I.

Icy: Y-you did???

Whirlwind: He didn't tell you guys?

Icy: *shakes head*

Whirlwind: Interesting. Well, it's not like he has feelings for me anymore

Icy: He doesn't?

Whirlwind: Wha? Oh, you heard that? *chuckles* No, I don't think so. I'm pretty sure he's with another mare already.

Icy: Oh, wow...... He's a jerk.

Whirlwind: *smirks* That he is.

Icy: S-so does that mean that we can't be friends anymore?

Whirlwind: Oh of course not Icy *puts wing around him* Prism and I are still friends actually. We made up.

Icy: You did? Then why haven't you been around?

Whirlwind: Well, we still kinda need some time away from each other. Things will be back.... er..... close to normal soon.

Icy: Okay.............

Whirlwind: *smiles*

Icy: So do you have a new coltfriend now? C-cuz um I actually.......

Whirlwind: *chuckles* No way. 

Icy: *face lights up*

Whirlwind: I think I'm gonna take a break from dating for a while

Icy: *face drops*

Whirlwind: Gives me more time to focus on myself and my dreams, y'know? It feels kinda good. I've been getting really good at flying and tricks. Want me to teach you some?

Icy: Really? S-sure!


It's alright Icy. One day.
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This is adorable!