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Can't believe I forgot to upload this one DX Pony on the left is Shinzo! She's a student intern at the hospital Amber works at. I mentioned her once before and I'm kinda feeling out where she belongs on the timeline. She's Hot Head and Lucky's age. She's a bit of an old OC somewhat based on another really old OC of mine (can you guess which one?). If you couldn't guess from her name, she's from Neighpon/is Japonies (lol pony puns).

Helpful --->Finding an Angel by kilala97

Doctor: Amber, I'm really sorry......

Amber: ..........

Doctor: I can prescribe more Clomiphene for–

Amber: *stands up and heads for the door* Forget it *steps out and slams the door*

Shinzo: *spots Amber storming towards the exit of the hospital* Doctor Amber! *runs after her*

Amber: *continues to walk*

Shinzo: H-hey was your appointment today? How'd it– *get a good look at Amber's expression and dulled mane* I'm..... I'm so sorry Doctor..... Do you need anything or–?

Amber: It's fine, Shinzo. Thank you for your concern *tries to walk past her*

Shinzo: *steps in front of Amber* Where are you going?

Amber: Home.

Shinzo: Is your husband home?

Amber: *looks at Shinzo with an irritated expression* What? No. He's at work. Why do you care?

Shinzo: Doctor I... I can't let you go home like this.

Amber: Why not?

Shinzo: Because! I know how you get after receiving your... results.... And I really don't think you should be alone.

Amber: *snorts* I'll be fine, Shinzo. I need to be alone now. *tries to get around Shinzo once more*

Shinzo: *stomps in front of Amber* No! Amber, you're so unstable in this state! I know what happened last time. Please stay here. We can just stay in the break room and I-I dunno... talk about it?

Amber: Do you really think I want to talk about this?

Shinzo: Well at least stay here until you calm down. Please?

Amber: .......................... *nods*

Shinzo: Arigatou ne *slightly bows and leads Amber to the break room*

Amber: .........

Shinzo: ............. I-I know you probably don't want to talk about it but um...... er, actually, I'm not sure if this really counts as "it" but–

Amber: Just ask

Shinzo: O-oh, um, have you ever considered adopting? Sorry if that was out of line

Amber: It's crossed my mind.

Shinzo: Well.... i-if.......... this..... doesn't work out, I think you could make a really lucky foal very happy. Adopting is a really great option and–

Amber: *looks down at the ground* I know, Shinzo. I've done it twice before. But...........

Shinzo: .............

Amber: ......I was really hoping I could have my own foal. I really want that intimate experience of carrying a foal. Just feeling that little life grow inside me and then being rushed to the hospital with my husband by my side *smiles a bit* and then looking into my baby’s eyes for the first time and nursing and..... all of that. I wanted to provide.

Shinzo: ..............

Amber: Because then......... then maybe I’d feel like I’m worth something. I always felt that having children and being a mother would be my purpose but.... I guess I was wrong. For now, I just feel worthless......... I am worthless

Shinzo: Oh Amber, you're not worthless! You're not worthless at all!

Amber: Thank you but we can't help but feel the way we feel, Shinzo. That's just how it is.

Shinzo: ................... *lowers her head and her ear twitches* *stops as she looks back just in time to see a filly jump behind a wall*

Amber: *stops and looks at Shinzo* What is it?

Shinzo: I think somepony's following us.

Amber: *looks back* I don't see anypony.

Shinzo: Hm, I guess I'm just seeing things....... *continues walking with Amber* So, do you plan on coming back to work any time soon?

Amber: *shrugs* Honestly having to see other pregnant mares and their foals everyday has been a little depressing for me as of late. I know, it sounds horrible but.... it's just kind of a harsh reminder.

Shinzo: I understand. Well, I hope you come back. You're the best mentor I've ever had.

Amber: Thank you, Shinzo. *stops abruptly and sees a small pegasus filly by her leg*

Shinzo: Oh, looks like we were being followed. Hi there little one. Are you lost?

Angel: *shakes head keeping her eyes fixated on Amber* 

Shinzo: Where are your parents?

Angel: I don't have any.

Amber: You're an orphan?

Angel: *nods*

Shinzo: Oh, w-well what brings you–

Angel: You smell familiar.....

Amber: Huh?

Angel: *crawls under Amber and rubs her cheek on Amber's front leg* 

Amber: Oh.... um...

Shinzo: *whispers to Amber* Do you know her?

Amber: *shakes head and looks down at the filly*

Angel: So safe.

Amber: What was that?

Angel: You feel safe.

Amber: Um, thank you?

Nurse: *looks down the hall* Ah there you are! *runs over to Amber, Shinzo and Angel* Oh Doctor Amber! Good afternoon. Sorry about this little filly. She really doesn't want her shots.

Amber: Ah, I see. *pushes Angel out from underneath her* Go on little one. You need to get your shots.

Angel: *hugs Amber's leg* I don't wanna

Amber: *crouches over at eye level with the filly* Hey it's okay. Shots only hurt a little, tiny bit. And they keep you nice and healthy. They help you to not get sick.

Angel: Really?

Amber: Mmhm. Now go with the nice nurse. She'll take care of you.

Angel: ............................O-okay.... *lets go of Amber and cautiously follows the nurse*

Nurse: Thank you doctor *leads Angel back to their room* Come now, Angel Feather. It'll be quick. I promise.

Amber: Angel Feather?

Shinzo: Hm?

Amber: Did she just say Angel Feather?

Shinzo: Um, yes. I think so. Why?

Angel: *yells to Amber from down the hall* Momma please come with me! I'm scared!

Amber: *stares at Angel and gets a glimpse of the golden feather on her left wing*

Shinzo: Momma?

Amber: She's.... she's the foal I rescued..... all those years ago. *starts to return to her normal color and hair begins to curl* S-she must have imprinted on me when I nursed her......... I can't believe she remembered. It was only once.

Shinzo: W-wait Doctor, what are you talking about? Who is she?

Amber: ........... she's going to be one of those lucky foals you were talking about *trots after Angel and the nurse*


Yay! A lot of you guessed Shinzo was based off of Red Cross :D A lot of you also guessed that Shinzo was Angel's real mom XD 'Twas a good guess but not tru  haha

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why is shinzo pretends that Angel Feather is not her foal? she should take her foal back