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Real Life Plush

Obviously I was gonna draw something like this
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As a tiny smol, I can relate to Rarity's annoyance. XD
Great work!
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Here is the link… the app I use did not like the lines you did so I made them bigger
Rarity is not amused.
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Can't fav this enough!
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Rarity: This is adorable and all Spike, but please put me down.

Spike: But you're so plushie.

Rarity: Are you saying I'm fat.

Spike: NO! You're just plushie, oh so plushie.

Rarity: Oh, if you weren't so handsome I would take offense to this.

Spike: Whatever you say my little plushie.
Rarity's face in the second one tho
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pubes has done well to you
Girls grow to become women boys to become become big boys.
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I laughed so much at this comment! XD
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awwww rarity's face
xXPainted-PortraitXx's avatar
Oh mah gawd, this is adoooooooorableeee!!!!!!
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Haha! Rarity looks like a cat! XD
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Bahahaha Rarity looks like an annoyed cat! Stop it girl you know you love being Spike's marshmallow cuddle plush.
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Too cute for words.I am a dummy! 
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I like both are making scrunch-faces in the second panel. xD
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Aaaaaaaaaaaaw, a life-long dream. :)
Cynderthedragon5768's avatar
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I'm sure she doesn't really mind.
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Rarity: I thought you had outgrown that plush grip, Spike!

Spike: You know me, Rare! I refuse to grow up. *strokes mane*

Rarity: NOT the mane, Spikey dear!

Spike: Awwwww... but you know I can't help it!

Rarity: Yes, THAT'S your problem!
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I bet Rarity has a Spikey plushy.
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