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god i love them together
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this is adorable!

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Oh, this is lovely! But, I am a little confused... I thought that you disliked Rarispike (yuck) for the age difference, this just seems a little similar.

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Because spike is like a little kid in the show while rarity is an adult

An age difference isnt bad if theyre both adults

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True. My grandparents were 10 years apart, but they loved each other.

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this is so good

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They look so good together. :heart:

(Also same English voice actor)

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Getting kinda a pokemon vibe off this artstyle. Love it!

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Edit: Looking into the artist's other works, yeah, I see why.

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YES!!! They're both so gorgeous omg

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Given that both of them have large ham tendencies...just imagine how hammy they would be as a couple!

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Like same tho, probs close to being an otp for me
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Tabithaception 😊

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Luna x Mane 6 pairings besides Twi are underrated! Just curious, but what about these two make you like the ship? I love hearing headcanons about pairings!Pinkie Pie #3

and Rarity's just thought of two-no three!!- new dresses based on those wings...

wonderful picture!!!!

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This is really cute.

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They both look fantastic! You did a wonderful job drawing them here. I love how you colored their skin tones and their hairstyles look fabulous. Thank you for drawing this. :)

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