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Happy 10 years to MLP:FiM <3
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I love Rarity!!!

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Fabulous marshmallow fashion horse is fabulous, and smug. But mostly fabulous. :)

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Fabulous, simply fabulous.

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awesome picture!!

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Hard to imagine 10 years already past :D

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What a pretty little pony

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pretty horse go brr

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Hooves, mane, hips, horn
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She's as beautiful as ever.

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best horse 😌 always loved how you drew rarity
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Fabulous, darling! Absolutely stunning! :love:

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Oh how time flies :D

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love how much her baby Claire looks like her <3

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The lady knows she's fabulous.

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Happy 10 years! Rares looks pretty smug about her achievements there :D

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She was a delight. XD

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she is so amazing, so graceful, so pretty, so rare

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She be beauty, she be grace, but hurt her friends and she’ll punch your face

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