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Prince Illusion

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Celestia X Discord kid?  Why not XP


This guy's name is Illusion and he's the son of Celestia and Discord.  He, like Discord, has a very interesting kind of magic. He primarily uses it to change things and disguise himself which is why his name is Illusion. He also uses this magic to fly even though he has no wings He's very cunning, slick (and occasionally deceptive), but overall, a really nice guy.




Can someone tell be what this ship is called? I've heard so many different names and I just don't know XD

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I was wondering if I could borrow illusion for my ship because people were being mean to me about it if not I'll understand but I give credit where credit is due I'll give credit to u, I do right now but people are saying I "stole" him from u I don't steal from others and yet that's what people are saying I'm tired of it please could I like I already said if not I'll understand
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Would pandora be his sister? 
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angel56743Student General Artist
I'm kinda surprised that Discord has a son. Am I the only one? 
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Skittz-ChanHobbyist Digital Artist
Princess Celestia Icon Profile - Look Discord! Our son is all grown up :D

Discord (yes) plz - Im So proud of my little boy! 
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Thank you mum and dad (lol)
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Spike830VHobbyist General Artist
wish I was pince of chaosSadness - Inside Out EQG Twilight Sad Plz 
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Lost-Girl96Student General Artist
what about prince chaotic is he related to prince illusion because they look a like a lot and it says their parents are the same people I'm very confused
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DoodletheExpoodleHobbyist Artist
They're from two totally different artists this different universes.
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can i use his race (idk how to describe it) to make an oc? 
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This might be the closest any oc has come to compareing to Warbeak...
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Miss-dreamerkatHobbyist General Artist
I love this character. This is awesome
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Just so you are aware this is happening…

My friend called them out on the post and I wanted you to know that people are stealing your art.
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Kawaii-FivenotesStudent Digital Artist
The ship name is Dislestia
SilverStripes740's avatar
Dislestia sounds horrible. It's obviously Celesticord.
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newflutterpieHobbyist General Artist
Shut up. People can think whatever. It is mostly called Dislestia. You can say its Celesticord, but its mostly called Dislestia.
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That is totally me on the MLP Zodiac
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ElementOf-LoyaltyHobbyist Artist
I love Prince Illusions design so much I made a Spore version.Sorry I forgot to add your name to the tags.
I suck.…
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kianamaiProfessional Filmographer
Haha oh my god that's awesome!
ElementOf-Loyalty's avatar
ElementOf-LoyaltyHobbyist Artist
I'm so happy you approve.Another Onion Icon 
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ChristyPonyStudent Artist
I don't ship this but I think I might assume u can marry 3 ppl FLUTTERSHY WOTH DISCORD WITH BULK WITH ANGEL
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I imagine him having a British accent. Kind of like Hugh Grant's y'know.
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Omg did Tia and discord have a kid. Lol
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Ske1e-PrinceHobbyist Digital Artist
Celesticord :) that's what I hear it being called most of the time :D
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