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The one time Pixel got pressured into doing something with the popular kids/anything in general.  She regretted leaving her real friends.  She probably only hung out with them just because Icy suggested it

I was gonna use random ponies for the "populars" buuuuuuuut I went ahead and designed SilverSnips and DiamondSnails kids instead XD The little red unicorn is Snails and  Diamond Tiara's daughter Spice and their son, with all the bandages, is Rowdy Ruff.  Guess the SilverSnips filly's name..................................................... Power Puff hahaha.  Please, please, PLEAAAAAAAASE tell me you got the reference XD Not sure if I'll do much with them, but they were fun to design anyways haha (if you don't get the ref, this might help… EDIT: If you still don't get it after watching the video or if you didn't watch it the reference is obviously from Powerpuff Girls XD What might not be as obvious, is the fact that Snips and Snails themselves were references to the Rowdyruff Boys (as the Rowdyruff Boys are made of Snips and Snails and a Puppy Dog Tail)

I've developed the older next gens quite a bit so the attention is gonna start going towards the younger ones for a while.  Doesn't mean you won't the older ones though :)  The focus is just changing a bit
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What are Spice and Rowdy's cutie marks gonna look like?
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Then again, Tara Strong, the one who voices Twilight, also voiced Bubbles for the show. Small world. (Then again, look at all the roles she has. Unbelievable.)
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U should've chose your friends
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And I thought Icy didn't want to be like his brother?
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I get her I did the same thing to my friends in 5th grade but it was opposite and we had a BIG fight was not pretty
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I got the referenceBubbles Chibi Blossom Chibi ButterCup Chibi 
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I would say the CMC kids are popular. Family and friends with hero's and such.
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Her name's Sugar, right?

EDIT: Oh, it's Power Puff. Damn.
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Icy: Hey pixel wanna hang with us?
Pixel: uh I'm hanging with my friends but...
Echo and api noticed.
Icy: oh c'mon pix we're gonna do something cool and I want you to join and besides you have chance to be popular.
Pixel: (looks echo and api) uh ok...
Echo: huh?
Api: what?!
Echo: pixel what are you doing?...
Api: I thought we were gonna try and get our cutie marks together!...
Pixel: hey... I wanna be popular too... this might be my only chance... I'm sorry...
Icy: I'm gonna see a movie. who's with me?
Rowdy: I'm down.
Spice: yeah!
Power puff: mmhhmm.
Pixel: I'm... in...
Echo: not cool, pixel... not cool...
Api: (tears appear) ...

Later at the cmc clubhouse.

Api: (sniff sniff) (hugging echo) why... (sobs) pixel... why... (sniff) ...
Echo: (sigh) ...she made her choice... (holding api)
Api: (sniff) ... (looks at echo) it's not the same without her,,,
Echo: I know... I know...
Pixel: (walks in) ...I'm sorry...
Api: oh... what do you want?... (turns away crossed arms)
Echo: (looks down) ...why aren't you with your friends?...
Pixel: look I know I've been a jerk... but your my real friends... and I can't lose that...
Echo: (looks at pixel) you hurt our feelings...
Pixel: I know... and I'm sorry... I will make it up to you... please give me a chance...
Echo: okay...
Pixel: api?...
Api: (trying not to cry) ...
Pixel: please api... I'm sorry...
Api: (runs crying to pixel and hugs her) (sniffs and sobs)
Pixel: (hugs api and smiles)

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Rowdy Ruff, Power Puff loll
Pleaseee ki make more of rowdy ruff and spice pretty pleasee 💕
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i got the ref! in fact when i first headr of snips and snails im like..... wait, no dogtail?
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She just wants to be like the cool kids,cause all the cool kids they seem to fit in~T.S.

You're gonna be Popuular,I show the proper poise,how to talk to boys ~ Wicked
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wicked fan detector VIP VIP VIP! YAY!
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Lol the ppg reference!
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With those guys, sweetie? Really?
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this is the most  spitting image of her mom from twilight time
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Who the green hair pony name
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