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OS Moms

By kianamai
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Older designs for Jessie and Misty :)
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so freaking good

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ayyy fancy seeing you here!

thank you <3

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Next generation of Poke Moms ^u^ They'll be the best ones! :heart:

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Looks like Jessie has embraced the mum life to the fullest.

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Is "power mom" a word? Because Jessie is that in this.

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It's like she got short than gained weight..?
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Or misty got taller, also she showed through previous works that Jessie would have a mom bod.

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Yeah i get the mom bod but you don't shrink when you gain weight

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Jessie didn't shrink, Misty just grew she was a kid or teenager at the time, remember?

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Hmmm yeah i guess you're right
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Yeah that good,.
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waaa I love Jessie design :love: very original and beautiful :love:

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Misty actually looks a lot like younger Jessie here:)

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They look beautiful. Amazing pic

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very pretty!!!

awesome picture!!!

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Your poses are epic ;)

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that misty ;___; i love... mom misty....

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How would Ash and James would look? Also Ash's Mom that I keep forgetting her name. How would she look?

Anyway, nice art as always.
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Delia. Thas the mom's name

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