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I feel like I haven't been showing you guys my "good" art that I try hard on XP Pretty much all of the stuff I have up on DA right now are drawings I do in 2 hours.  I like to draw fast and that usually takes away from the quality of my work.  So here we have a drawing that I took a little more time on.  This took about 3 hours.  Look! No crappy lineart!  I like doing cute, simple stuff most of the time which is why you don't see much of this in my gallery.  But if you want to see more like this from me, let me know :)  (sooooooooooo much lighting in this one!)

Anyways, I can't believe I haven't drawn Nightmare Rarity yet!  I swear I did one before.... Oh well.  I have to say, Nightmare Rarity is probably one of my favorite things in MLP as far as the story goes (including T.V. episodes).  I love a good villain and when I saw my favorite character go bad, I was soooooooooooo excited and happy.  I think it's super cool when heroes go to the dark side for a bit :3 I know it wasn't really *Rarity* but you know what I mean.

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Even as Nightmare Rarity, she’s still fabulous.