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Next Time (Again)

Twilight: Hi Dove! It's nice to see you again.

Dove: ...... *hides behind Trixie*

Twilight: Aw a shy one. 

Trixie: Just a little bit. Go on Dove.

Twilight: There's a pony in there named Anthea. You should go play with her before we get started

Dove: *nods and gallops inside*

Twilight: Didn't think any child of Trixie would be so quiet.

Trixie: *rolls eyes* Will you be okay with Dove? 

Twilight: Of course! Why wouldn't I be? 

Trixie: Well, it's just that Dove doesn't... exactly... well.... she doesn't like being a unicorn. Or using magic.

Twilight: Oh?

Trixie: Starlight has been trying to teach Dove but she hasn't been very responsive. It's been hurting their relationship so we thought it'd be best if somepony other that her parents taught her.

Twilight: I understand. Do you know why she has such an issue with using magic?

Trixie: She just keeps saying she's scared she might hurt somepony.

Twilight: I'm sure it's not a big deal. Magic is pretty tough. She'll get the hang of it

Trixie: Right. Thank you Princess Twilight. The Great and Powerful will be back to pick up her great an powerful daughter in an hour.

Twilight: Sounds good Your Greatness. See you in an hour

Twilight: Alright so Dove you met Annie, huh?

Dove: Mmhm.

Twilight: She's going to be doing magic lessons with us today.

Dove: .......... but she's so young. 

Twilight: She is, isn't she? She's getting good at magic even though she's little.

Annie: I'm not little!

Twilight: *giggles* You're right you're a big, strong filly now. And a very talented one at that. Are you two ready to begin your lesson?

Annie: Yaaaay!

Dove: U-um...

Twilight: It's okay, Dove you'll be fine. Right Annie? Magic isn't so bad right?

Annie: Magic's fun! *horn lights up*

Dove: Ahh *hides behind Twilight*

Twilight: It's alright. We'll take it slow okay?

Dove: *nods*

Twilight: How about we start off looking at some books first? Would you like that

Dove: Yes please.

Twilight: Alrighty then, so–

Star: Mommy? *peeks in the door*

Twilight: Hello, Starburst. What do you need?

Star: Can you can help me fly today?

Twilight: Not today, sweetheart. Mommy's busy. And you're too young to be flying still, remember? You need to grow into your wings a little bit.

Star: But Annie is doing magic and we're both the same age. And you promised me last time that you'd help me...

Twilight: Annie just has very strong magic, Starburst. And I promised you?

Star: Yeah... you were reading books and I asked and you promised you'd help.

Twilight: Oh I see. I'm very sorry, sweetie. Maybe next time. Mommy has to teach Annie and Dove magic today.

Star: You said next time last time...

Twilight: *sighs* Star, I only have a little bit of time with Annie and Dove. I'll come get you after, okay?

Star: .... Okay.

Twilight: You can stay here if you want to.

Star: I'll go play by myself.

Twilight: Alright. I'll see you in a bit, sweetie. I appreciate it.

Star: *walks away sniffling*

Dove: *watches Star go out the door*

Twilight: Dove.....

Dove: ......... 

Twilight: Doooove?

Dove: Huh? 

Twilight: Are you ready to begin?

Dove: Oh, sure. 

Twilight: So we're going to start with some basic levitation. Have you ever tried that before?

Dove: Y-yes...

Twilight: What's wrong?

Dove: Last time I tried I hurt myself...

Twilight: Oh, I'm sorry, Dove. It's alright though. It's tough for everypony at first. I'll make sure you're safe, okay?

Dove: *nods*

Twilight: Great. So let's see what the book says. It says that levitation, like all magic, comes a state of focus and concentration. When a unicorn focuses on the object they want to move, and pictures the object where they intend it to be in relation to them, levitation can be achieved. Does that make sense?

Dove: So I just look at something and focus on it?

Twilight: Pretty much. And then imagine moving it. Think of an imaginary hoof lifting and moving the object around to where you want it.

Annie: How do I do that Princess Twilight? If I can't see?

Twilight: Ah that's a good question Annie. Young unicorns without the ability to see start learning how to use magic by feeling. So for example...

Dove: *looks at the door and sneaks out*

To be continued... Flight by kilala97


Retconning how Star and Dove first met since Dove is now the child of both Starlight and Trixie (and I'm sure they and Twilight still keep in touch). This takes place a little before Dove starts going to boarding school in Prance (since not even lessons with Twilight were successful).

Prequel to: Next Time by kilala97 


Characters: Next Generation: Starburst by kilala97Next Generation: Anthea by kilala97 Next Generation: Dove by kilala97
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