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Twilight: Where she could she be...? I knew she got up early but this is ridiculous

Night Light: Mom?

Twilight: Oh Night Light! Good morning sweetheart.

Night Light: What are you looking for?

Twilight: I'm looking for your sister. I was hoping I could spend some time with her today!

Night Light: Oh, she just left.

Twilight: She did? Why?

Night Light: To work out or something. Iunno.

Twilight: Thank you Night Light. I'll see you later today okay? You should go spend time with your father. Maybe you could go with him to Canterlot and help him out with training the guard.

Night Light: Ehhhh...

Twilight: And then after you can go the Starswirl wing in the library

Night Light: Really??? Alright! I'll go get him now. See you later, mom!

Twilight: *giggles* Bye sunshine

Twilight: Starbuuuurst? Starburst where are you? *spots Starburst heading out of the castle* Ah! There you are!

Oh, morning mom. You're up earlier than usual.

Twilight: Mmhm! I was trying to get up at the same time as you. I thought I'd missed you when I saw you weren't in your room this morning.

Starburst: Cool.............. Well, I'll see you later then? *spreads wings to fly off*

Twilight: W-wait! Actually I was hoping I coooould hang out with you today?

Starburst: Why?

Twilight: Oh, well, I mean... we don't really see each other too much anymore. Y'know? You're always with your friends and I'm always working and–

Starburst: Don't you have to work today?

Twilight: Nope! It should be fine. I made sure to let Princess Celestia and Princess Luna know that I was taking the day off.

Starburst: Since when could princesses take days off?

Twilight: Since forever. Everypony needs a break every once in a while. Plus, I don't think it'd be too much trouble if one out of four princesses decided to take one day off. 

Starburst: Ah. Well. I'm actually kinda working out all day today. Sooooo... maybe another time?

Twilight: Another time? But I took today off...

Starburst: Uhhh, you can hang out with Nighty then right? He likes books and stuff like you. 

Twilight: R-right but me and Night Light spend a lot of time together already. I wanted to spend the day with you specifically. I want to spend time with my daughter.

Starburst: Go hang out with Anthea then. She might as well be your daughter

Twilight: Huh?

Starburst: Nothing. I'm gonna be doing a lot of cardio today. So loooots and loooooots of flying.

Twilight: I can fly! It's been a while, but I think I can handle it

Starburst: Mom, I know you're not a super strong flier. It's probably better if I go alone. 

Twilight: B-but Star–

Starburst: Next time, mom. I really need to focus today.

Twilight: Can I at least–

Starburst: I've got to go. I'm already off schedule. You're into schedules right? You understand.

Twilight: Well–

Starburst: Bye mom, I'll see you later tonight. Have fun with Nighty and dad *quickly flies off*

Twilight: ........ o-kay. Next time.....


Starburst being a binch. Spend time with ur mum! She just wants to luv u


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I can see Star doing the same thing to her own kid