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Next Generation: Starburst



Name: Starburst

Nickname: Star

Parents: Twilight Sparkle, Flash Sentry

Age: 15

Place of Birth: Ponyville

Place of Residence: Twilight's Castle

General bio:
Starburst is a very serious, young pony. She aspires to be the first mare to be a captain of the royal guard. She's known that was her goal from a young age so as a result, she developed a very disciplined, serious, stern mentality. However, when in the presence of a royal guard she often gets very excited and begins to babble and ask a lot of questions like a child. Other than that, she always seems serious. She has a hard time loosening up and having fun which makes her the buzzkill amongst her friends but they love her anyways. She's not so bad though (or not as bad as most of her friends think she is). She does enjoy having fun with her friends but she never admits to it. Star spends most of her time training hard so she can be in the royal guard someday. It's especially hard for her since she is a mare, a princess and because of her very small size. She trains so hard that she sometimes passes out in the middle of an exercise which scares her family and friends a lot when they find her on the ground not really moving. Starburst spends a lot of time in Canterlot but she is old enough to stay in Ponyville on her own and will often stay there to be close with her friends. Her secret talent is dancing. She chooses to keep it a secret because she knows ponies, like Prism Bolt would make fun of her because of it. 

Star is a pegasus. She is very brave and would much rather be out and about than inside reading.  Because of this, Star has a bit of a hard time relating to her mother.  They love each other but the fact that their personalities are ridiculously different and the fact that Twilight is very busy all the time makes it hard for the both of them to spend quality with each other. Star is definitely much closer to her father being that they have pretty much the exact same interests. 

Star and Nighty are typical siblings. They get on each other's nerves A LOT. They tease each other, steal one another's things, etc. She's a little more loose around him than she is with her friends. She is very protective of him though. She'd easily beat up anypony who tries to hurt him. 

Valiant Heart is Star's role model. He's everything she hopes to be in the future. He teaches her a lot about being in the guard and what it's like. Even he thinks she's too serious sometimes and he tries his best to loosen her up. 

Starburst and Golden Delicious are close friends (maybe even best friends). She spends the most time with him since she's always training on the farm and helping him out with his chores. He, of all their friends, has witnessed her passing out from exhaustion the most. The first few times scared him to death but he eventually began to realize that she was just overworking herself so he would just carry her inside so she could sleep. Of course, when she would wake up, he'd lecture her about knowing her limits. 

Prism Bolt is another good friend of hers but she also sees him as a huge nuisance sometimes. He's like an annoying older brother to her. She makes it a point to make sure he knows that. Though this is the case, he happens to be a pretty good flying coach for her. They often race and learn new aerial tricks.  

Cotton Candy is a little too much for Star to handle. She's always trying to get her to do crazy new things while she prefers to be training. Candy usually knows when to back off but with Star, she never does because she knows that she actually enjoys hanging out. 

Starburst looks up to Claire, even though their interests are different. She admires how Cliare handles herself and how she generally behaves. She also likes how good the hybrid is with her words. Unfortunately, they don't spend as much time together as they'd like. 
Star and Turquoise are sparring buddies and close friends. She likes a roughhousing with him since he's such a tough looking opponent. He often plays dragon for her and she gets to play hero. He's not much for it but he loves seeing her happy. 

Starburst and Anthea have a unique relationship. They are close as friends and actually spend plenty time together. Anthea is usually who Star goes to when she's taking breaks in between training sessions just to have a relaxing talk. Sometimes Annie suprises Star by wanting to go on a crazy adventure. However, there is sometimes tension. Anthea doesn't realize it but Starburst is very jealous of her. Anthea seems to be good at just about everything and for some reason that just... bothers Star. 

Starburst's special talent would have to be intimidation which is a very weird talent to have. Her flying skills as well as her wings (and even personality) puts ponies in a state of awe when she is seen. Her wings are large for a mare her size so opening them up all the way makes her seem much bigger. When she was young, she struggled to figure out why it was her talent since it seemed so useless but as she got older and got interested in the royal guard she found it wasn't so useless after all. 

Old design: Starburst by kilala97 

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I love the old design better, it just looks right