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Next Generation: Prism Bolt by kianamai Next Generation: Prism Bolt by kianamai
EDIT:  Not sure if I'm digging the darker blue in his mane yet. Will prolly change

Name: Prism Bolt

Nicknames: Priz, Bolt

Parents: Rainbow Dash, Soarin

Place of Birth: Cloudsdale

Place of Residence: Ponyville

Age: 17

General bio:
Prism Bolt has a confidence that can only be matched by his mother's. He's a total show off and because of that he comes off as somewhat cocky to others. He is probably one of the most talented fliers in Equestria.  He's very, very agile and quite fast. The only thing holding him back from being the best flier ever is his laziness and lack of motivation. He'd rather chill out than practice and only gets up when he gets challenged.  He wasn't always like this though. When he was much younger, he was actually  deathly afraid of heights. This was very stressful for him being that both his parents are amazing fliers. He felt obligated to be great, but he wasn't. He eventually got over his fear with the help of family and friends. He began to get cocky when he became better. He dreamed of being a Wonderbolt as a preteen and thought he was good enough or even too good for them. However, he had an eye opening experience (which I'll leave up to you to think of) which caused him to give up on being a Wonderbolt because it was too hard. Prism never admits to this so he usually just says that he gave up because being a Wonderbolt is a waste of time. Only his parents and Whirlwind know how he really feels. From then on, he became the lax Prism he is now. He also has quite the temper when he's insulted. Even though he may seem like a hot shot or a cool guy, he is actually very silly and enjoys having a good laugh and getting others to laugh. 

Prism and his parents share an interesting relationship. It's a lot like a relationship between friends. He's espescially like this with his father. He and Rainbow are also buddies but when it comes to training/flying, she becomes a drill sergeant to him. 
Prism and Icy Storm's relationship is that of an annoying older brother and a seemingly more mature younger brother. Prism likes to mess with him and tease him about various things and Icy just puts up with it. This dynamic is mostly due to the fact that the two of them have clashing personalities. Even so, they often do fun things together and Prism would do anything to make sure his brother is safe. 

Whirlwind and Prism have a very complicated relationship. They started off as very good friends when they were young and Whirlwind helped him through the time in his life when he was scared to fly. Later on, they became more than friends and started dating. However, they broke up later (again, leaving it open as to how they did). Now, they're just friends. Good friends. Everypony around them teases them about getting back together. 

Prism and Candy spend most of their time with one another sharing laughs and pulling pranks. He's the only one who is able to handle the full extent of her insanity. Their relationship is very comfortable and they never have to hold back for each other. 
Starburst and Prism enjoy flying together. For him it's just because and for her it's mostly to train but they both have fun. He's like a brother to her always giving her tips about flying and trying to make her smile. Like Candy, he tries to loosen her up. He sees her as a buzzkill (everypony kinda does) but he enjoys their time spent together nonetheless. 

Prism gets along with the other four as well. He Turquoise and Del share a typical dude relationship and he and Annie are good friends too. He really appreciates the fact that she's so positive and silly despite her disability. 

Although he gets along well with pretty much the whole group, there is a little bit of tension between him and Claire. They are friends but they get on each other's nerves sometimes. She sees him as very immature and as a bit of an egotistical DB. He sees her as a know it all snob. It's obviously due to the personality differences but also their age. Prism is a teenager who doesn't quite act his age while Claire is five years older and acts very mature even for her age. He likes to annoy her and call her old. Though there is that barrier, Claire is able to loosen up and be fun and dangerous. That's the Claire he enjoys hanging out with. (Funny thing is that Claire was Prism's first crush and it's debatable whether he still has feelings for her or not)

Prism got his cutie mark for his very impressive agility. His quickness and ability to make sharp turns makes him unique since most ponies can't do the kind of stunts he is capable of. 

Old Design: PrismBolt by kilala97
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XxYayMLPRocksxX Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2018  Hobbyist Filmographer
I think she looks pretty! ^^
CrustyCheesecakeCat Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
I think someone copied you
NextGen: Prism Bolt by ShootingStarYT
ShootingStarYT Featured By Owner Edited Sep 12, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
WTF what is your Problem MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Frustrated Upset Slam  
She is not even looking like him sure her Name is Prism Bolt too
but 1. The Color palette is different 
2. Her Cutie Mark is totally different and 3. almost every SoarinDash Next Gen Kid is having a blue Body color and red/yellow/blue Hair
So why do you focus on my SoarinDash Kid?! MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Envy Covet Spite 
CrustyCheesecakeCat Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
Ok look i know she has a different body, but the colors in her mane just are reeeaaaaaaally similar the the other one and the name is well yeah. Im sorry if you didnt copy her and just thought of it yourself, but i want to make sure that there isnt any super hard feelings....
i also did look and read through your next gen and i enjoyed it; im not just focusing on your SoarinDash kid, i just noticed and wanted to do something about it.
ShootingStarYT Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
okay... but please note me next time wanna do something like this comment
I don't like thing like this
CrustyCheesecakeCat Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
Sure! Have a nice day! Sorry again for the trouble.
mysticcactus04 Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2018
I want prism bolt and star burst to get together 😫
MLPPrinceIllusion Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2017
Why do people call him hot HE'S UGLY (I hope that didn't sound mean if it did sorry it's a great great drawing and I truly still LOVE UR WORK)
Hancar Featured By Owner May 8, 2018  Student Artist
I agree 6u6
PrincessLuna1996 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2017
Well, people have different opinions! 
nunie15 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2017
Milkitalix Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Prism look alike on new episode secrets and pies xD
HybridTheory1925 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2017
Pink Floyd cutie mark!
MonsterPony810 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2017
Pink Floyd is Life
AppleCiderStar Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Shibasaur Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2017
maybe make the dark blue white?
HattertheThird Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2016  Student General Artist
This guy is the biggest stud on your shipping chart. The generation after his should be strong
HannahsDefense Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
He's cute, does his hoof have room for an engagement ring because I love his design! :meow:
lunchymunchies Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2016
Mylittleloser Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Prism is like my friend Drew when it comes to dating. He falls in love with one of his best friends, they date a little, and then weeks/months later they are over each other.
ThatUnknownPony Featured By Owner May 8, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
After this new episode, I'm really leaning towards Prism quitting the Wonderbolts after going through another "embarrasing nickname" incident like her mother, but inlike her he just couldn't stand it and quit, with his pride and dreams hurt beyond what he expected.
LW9510 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2016
I love it
LW9510 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2016
But whats that on his nose
Kitty-Cats-And-Pigs Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
scar. he puts a bandage on it cuz he doesn't want it to ruin his 'beautiful face'
LW9510 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2016
Kitty-Cats-And-Pigs Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yeah, i dont remember the artwork name, i think its called 'scar', its based around the time prism got his scar.
LW9510 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2016
I mean his "beautiful face"
Kitty-Cats-And-Pigs Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
his beautiful face. exactly what it sounds like
I shouldn't judge shit after taking my damn meds...

But great, job, stuff, uhh...
Lizka16 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2016  Student
minecraftponiez Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like the dark blue in his hair, it looks amazin
auto-manic Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I agree with you, the dark in his mane is a bit distracting; it sorta blends too much with his coat and just makes it difficult to differentiate. Besides, the 3 tone main is a good balance between a normal pony mane and Rainbow Dash's. I think, with the exception of Dash, 3 colors is the maximum to a mane without getting crazy (except if you're supposed to have a crazy complex mane, like Celestia and Cadance, for example).

Plus having the primary colors as his mane really represents the rainbow/color pattern well without outright copying Dash.

I looove how good you've gotten at displaying body types though!! They look realistic and have just enough difference from the show, yet simple enough where they'd fit into the show's style if need be. 
AshkyOwO Featured By Owner Edited Dec 21, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like how it looks with the darker blue in his mane, adds a special touch
FluffieChocolate Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Looking back, I must say that your art has improved. Well done.
prettytall-mlp Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2015
I think so, too:happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
FluffieChocolate Featured By Owner Edited Dec 20, 2015  Student Digital Artist
prettytall-mlp Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2015
am I the only one who thinks this is creepy?
FluffieChocolate Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Indigo-Steel Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I think it's an improvement! Great job!
orionpaxg1 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2015
Hmmm Ki did redesigns of Starburst and Prism Bolt first ......

Prismburst confirmed!
RainfoxArts Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I dunno about the dark blue too, all I know is that he's still handsome~
His mane looks fluffier too 'v'
cimarronboy Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
He looks a bit more alive than the last attempt at these guys, what brought back your Equestrian bonded spark?
DerpyRulesTheWorld Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2015  Student General Artist
Yeah, I'm digging the older one
Lollipopking101 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Nooo! The dark blue is perfect! ^//v//^
EpicRandomCat115 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
This design is pure awesomeness.
biscuit-the-bunny Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
WOAH! looks kinda h-d
GoodVibesGorgeous Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2015
I really like his new look.
Tiger-Hawk Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2015
Awesome new look
ppgzmlpfimlover Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2015
Ahhhhh, this looks amazing!! I love this redesign as well and your new style is killing me!! It's so nice and I just really like it! The dark blue streak looks really nice but it is a bit off by how it resembles the coat color a lot. But at the same time, it's really nice looking on his mane. So I dunno about that. You do you. But I can't get over by how much I love this style and I can't wait to see it in action with scenarios and such! So pretty~
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