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Next Generation: Night Light Jr. by kianamai Next Generation: Night Light Jr. by kianamai
Name: Night Light

Nicknames: Nighty, Junior

Parents: Twilight Sparkle, Flash Sentry

Age: 11

Place of Birth: Ponyville

Place of Residence: Twlilight's Castle

General bio:
Night Light is the complete opposite of his older sister Starburst. Twilight is also the opposite of Starburst. So, that makes Nighty very similar to Twilight. They are both studious, like books, are slightly bossy and are unicorns. He is very responsible and strives for perfection. He dreams of being a legendary unicorn like Starswirl thus he studies hard and reads a lot to learn all that he can. He is rather decent at magic and is much better at it than most foals his age. He's the son of Twilight Sparkle after all. However, he's not at the age where he can start using advanced spells quite yet. He doesn't mind though. He seems to think that a unicorn can become just as powerful from research. So basically, he'd rather read and learn more than physically practice magic. He feels that by doing so, there is no risk of messing up a spell and causing destruction. Nighty is a total worrywart and is cautious about EVERYTHING. He is scared of any kind of adventure and is very cowardly which is why he is a homebody. He tends to ramble on about possible scenarios when being put under pressure to go out and do something "dangerous". He also doesn't like getting in trouble at all which can make him become quite the kiss up (Imagine Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air). Despite all of this, he is very friendly and just wants the very best for his friends. If any of them were put in danger, he'd definitely take action (after giving himself a little pep talk). He really wishes he was more manly (stallion-ly?) and brave but he just can't seem to bring himself to be that way. Night Light is named after his grandfather and is very often referred to as Junior.

Nighty is very close to both his parents. He and Twilight obviously have a lot in common and can relate to each other on a whole new level. They often practice magic or read with each other. Though he and Flash are very different, he doesn't have the same relationship issues that Starburst has with Twilight. This is mostly because Night Light is not at that age yet where seeing eye to eye with your parents gets harder and because he puts in the effort to try and be more like his father and become stronger in his weak areas. He and Flash like to roughhouse and go out together and adventure with each other. Flash is the only one Nighty feels comfortable doing adventurous things with. 

Nighty and Star have a typical sibling relationship. The seem to irritate one another more often than not. They are just too different and tend to butt heads. He really gets on her nerves when he starts kissing up to their parents right after Star does something wrong in order to seem like the better child. She gets on his nerves by calling him a scaredy cat and weakling. When they're not fighting like this, they have a lot of warm and fuzzy moments. They truly care for each other in the end.

As Twilight's student, Anthea has become very close to the Sparkle/Sentry family. So, as a result, Nighty sees Annie as another big sister. A magical big sister. He admires her greatly and is amazed by her talent. They are always very kind to each other. He also sees her as a bit of a rival because she is generally perfect and amazing at magic. She is one of the main ponies who tries to convince him that just reading books isn't always the best way to learn. It's pretty effective coming from her since she's blind and can't read and still ends up being amazing at doing magic.

As a little colt desperate to become more like a stallion, he talks to his most "manly" friend: Icy Storm. He's a cool guy and really high up on the social ladder. So, Nighty tries to take notes and learn about Icy's ways.

Of his friends, Api and him get along the least. Api lives for adventure and she tries her best to get him out of his comfort zone and he freaks out about that. She gets a little too pushy for his liking.

Pixel is just as good friend to Nighty as she is to anypony else. However, since he doesn't quite get out too much, he doesn't know that and often thinks that she's giving him special treatment. He believes that she has a crush on him when really, she doesn't care for that kind of stuff. She calls him "cute" a lot but she means "nerdy/adorable/dorky cute" but he doesn't get that.

Nighty and Echo are awkward together. She doesn't talk much and he barely knows anything about her. So, getting a conversation going between the two of them takes quite some time.
Sugar Rush likes to baby Nighty. She treats him like a little child because he can really act like one sometimes even though he tries to be mature. Because of Cloudy Sky's clumsiness and reputation for messing things up, Nighty tries keeping his distance from her sometimes as to not get in any trouble. However, when doing something that is particularly accident-free, the two of them enjoy each other's company and usually just share a friendly conversation.

Old Design: Nighty by kilala97 
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If they ever make a plush even close to resembling him, I'm getting it first! XD
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He reminds me of Hayato from FE Fates, I just now realized.
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Draw stuff about him too! Please?
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How's his relation to Flurry and Val?
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Twi Jr!
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NightLeaf :D
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Does Night Light get mares gushing over him because he is really handsome! :D
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I would imagine when he gets older and more mature he is a prince.
tomo-dachii Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2016
My fave of your nextgen foals >w<
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Love the gape in the hair. Almost like he has a widow's peak.
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Aw, he's so cute! He might get along well with my own studious lil colt, Nite Lyfe!
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So that's where all of Twilight's neuroticness went.
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Nighty ans Star have the exact same relationship as my brother and I! XD
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I just found out night light was the name of twilights father. XD
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Please make a Bio for Mint Leaf, Annie's sister. ^^

Plus, I think she and Night Light would make an adorable couple. X3
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you mean 7 years old filly?
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The age chart is her canon. We can age them however we want, and Api's only a year older anyway.
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ummm..well,he is 6th grade.
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It's occurred to me just now: If Nighty is kinda like Carlton Banks, does that mean Valiant is Will Smith?
Little-Snowbird Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2014
I think Night Light Jr. is very cute.  I like that Twilight named her son after her father.  It's a nice touch.
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You should make a comic of Nighty and Echo first meeting and it's that scenario when your friend(pixel bit) leaves you to talk with a stranger because I honestly think that's how it would turn out
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he kinda looks like my twinkie son Study guide
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What do you mean "Bleah"
TheCreatrix Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014   General Artist
Now for Applejack to have a little farm girl that the prince falls head over heels for lol
Superior-Doc-Fossil Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014
The term "junior" is correctly used only if a child is given exactly the same first, middle, and last name as his or her parent.
SombraTwiLuver Featured By Owner May 30, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
OMG! Nighty and Star's relationship is exactly like me and my brother. Weird.
Scottietail Featured By Owner May 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Juniors are so much fun and I have no idea why. X3
MichealRavencroft Featured By Owner May 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

Nothing wrong with a wimpy character, in fact, it gives him better potential to be a hero, especially if he’s trying to strive to be like Starswirl the Bearded. And honestly, now that you made that Carlton reference, I’m going to start hearing his voice if someone ever writes a fanfic about him lol. Glad you’re giving the youngest of your OCs a full bio. Now I have a better idea for what power ring color he might get. Keep up the good work kilala97!

Sire-Sword Featured By Owner May 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my god, hes so cute. Hes like a little purple marshmallow!
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That's purple?
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He looks simply cute ^^
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Since the name Night Light was skipped over a generation... wouldn't he be called Night Light the Second?
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cute ^^
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I still ship Nightstorm. ^^ (Icy and Nightlight)
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