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Next Generation: Nidra



Name: Nidra

Nicknames: N/A

Parents: Luna, Supernova

Age: 16

Place of Birth: Canterlot

Place of Residence: Canterlot Castle

General bio:
Nidra is a very social pony unlike her mother.  Nidra is known to be a bit lazy and will often pull the "I'm the princess" card to get out of doing certain things.  Although she does tend to abuse her power as a princess every once in a while, she is actually very down to earth.  As a teenager, she has very little royal responsibilities yet, so she spends a lot of time with other ponies. Unlike Illusion, she doesn't really care if the friends she has only like her because she's royalty. She hangs out with them as long as they're cool. She comes off as a little intimidating and harsh but doesn't usually mean anything mean she says.  She just doesn't know who to joke with in that way.

Nidra used to get along with her parents very, very well. However, as of now, she's going through her teenage rebellion years where she doesn't listen to her parents and intentionally tries to get them mad sometimes. When they're not angry at each other, they spend good quality time with each other. Her mother teaches her a lot about how to use her magic and she and her father are rather close. She's definitely a daddy's girl and he's more patient with her than Luna is. 

Nidra likes to hang out with Illusion a lot.  She always found his magic quite fascinating and she often drags him into causing mischief which he is actually okay with (his father is Discord after all). 

She doesn't hang around the mane 6 kids as much as Illusion does but she does manage to make time for them. She has other friends in Canterlot but she has taken a liking to Claire, who is with Illusion a lot. She seems to like Claire's attitude and fun-loving  side. 
She also likes to fly around and play pranks on other ponies with Prism Bolt and Cotton Candy. Sometimes she gets a little too intense for them though. 

She will hang out with Golden but usually only if he's with somepony else also since their personalities and mentality are complete opposite. 

She spends a lot of her down time with Starburst being that they're both princesses and are in Canterlot with their mothers all the time. They are very close. 

And finally, she seems to like T quite a bit. He is pretty attractive after all. And he is also quite unique in the same way she is. She does know that he and Anthea have a  thing which has caused a little rivalry between the two. 

Nidra's magic isn't nearly as strong as a normal alicorn's magic would be.  Her cutie mark is there because she has the ability to help ponies fall asleep.  Her magic is meant to bring peace and rest to those who are overly stressed but she doesn't use her magic in that way all the time.  She uses it for pranks, to mess with other's heads, to get out of a variety of situations and she, in turn, gets in trouble for it. 

Old Design: Nidra by kilala97

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she's so beautiful...i feel so bad for her...(old fans of this next gen will know what i'm talking about).