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Next Generation: Dove



Name: Dove

Nicknames: N/A

Parents: Trixie, Starlight Glimmer

Age: 18

Place of Birth: Ponyville

Place of Residence:  Prance/Las Pegasus

General bio: 
    Dove is a beautiful and young unicorn.  She's an incredibly talented performer and truly an artist when it comes to what she does best.  Dove is a magician and an illusionist who resides in Las Pegasus. She, despite being a magician, is not actually good at using unicorn magic. As a filly she tried hard to learn how to use it, but she never got the hang of using spells which, would more than often than not, end up in an explosion.  So, she found alternatives by getting magic kits and learning the art of illusions and misdirection. She is amazing at doing these kinds of tricks and using them for entertainment. She believes that magic is meant strictly for entertaining and bringing joy to others and not for the various spells. She thinks that unicorn magic is one of the reasons for most of the issues in Equestria and that it makes others power hungry, that it's dangerous and could easily corrupt ponies.
    When she was younger, she wished that she would've been a pegasus instead and developed a fascination with wings (she's a huge Wonderbolts fan). She'd always watch birds fly around and collect the feathers that fell off of them which she eventually used to make her cape.  She fell in love with doves and often uses them in her shows (she takes amazing care of them though).
    Dove, in terms of personality, is actually very kind and loving to others. However, as a performer, and Trixie's daughter, she can be very dramatic and prideful.
    Dove's biological parents are Trixie and Starlight. Starlight being the powerful unicorn she is was able to temporarily turn herself into a stallion so that she and Trixie could have a child. Because Starlight and Trixie would travel a lot, their intention was to have Starlight homeschool Dove. However, Dove was very reluctant to learn from her due to a lot of the lessons revolving around magic. They then decided as a family that a boarding school was the best option. At the age of seven, Dove attended a boarding school in Prance.

    Dove and Trixie get along very well. Trixie was the one who introduced illusions and the other kind of magic to Dove and she helped teach Dove how to be a great and powerful performer when she got older. Starlight and Dove also have a great relationship. The only issue they had was when Dove seemed to have something against unicorns when she was younger (Of course this was only because she couldn't get the hang of unicorn magic and was frustrated.  This frustration eventually lead to her beliefs about magic since they helped her cope with the fact that she wasn't able to do it). This created conflict as Starlight would try very hard to get Dove to understand and have an appreciation for unicorn magic.

    Of the Mane 6 kids, Dove is most familiar with Anthea.  They both have a healthy rivalry with each other that sprouted from they're different views on magic. Anthea doesn't have a problem with the fact that Dove uses magic for entertainment, but she does have a problem with the fact that she thinks magic should be used only for entertainment.  Dove doesn't quite agree with how Annie thinks that good things can come out of magic as long as the ponies using them have good intentions. Dove still thinks magic is dangerous no matter who is using it.

Despite their mothers not getting along at first, Star and Dove actually hit it off when they first met. Starburst wasn't really into how dramatic Dove was at times but it was no reason to not like her.  Dove is also fascinated with Starburst's wings (and has a constant urge to preen them). They end up growing extremely close as time goes on. They enjoy speaking in Prench together and Star takes her flying sometimes. Dove developed a bit of a crush on her but is good at hiding it.

    Dove is also familiar with some of the younger children. Nighty and Sugar in particular. Nighty finds her magic and shows amazing, but when Annie's around he sides with Annie just because he looks up to her.  Sugar on the other hoof, ADORES Dove and sees her as a role model since she can't use unicorn magic as well.

Dove's cutiemark is a dove with a wand in its beak. Her talent is her ability to do magic without actually using magic as well as her ability to care for and train doves.
Old Design: Dove by kilala97
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