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Next Generation: Anthea



Name: Anthea

Nicknames: Annie

Parents: Fluttershy (adoptive); Azalea and Berry Vine (biological)

Age: 15

Place of Birth: (unknown)

Place of Residence:  Ponyville

General bio:
Anthea is a very positive, kind, gentle and caring pony. She is much like her adopted mother in that sense. However, when it comes to their social skills and things like that, they are actually a bit different. Anthea is very brave, silly, giggly, outgoing and can speak her mind quite well. She can speak her mind but when it comes to arguing, she becomes more like Fluttershy and backs off as to not get anypony angry with her. Though she overall great traits, she has a tendacy to be a "pony-pleaser" (people-pleaser). She can't stand when people don't like her and will often go a little bit far to try gain their friendship. Annie can also be rather naive sometimes but it's only because what she can't see limits her knowledge. She is almost completely blind and can only see in blurry blotches of color but she is very in tune with nature and has great hearing which helps her a lot. Because of her blindnes, Anthea can be a bit... sensual. She likes being touched or having physical contact by whoever she's talking too whether it be through them holding her hoof, brushing up against her side and small gestures like that or hugging her. It gives her a sense of security and it helps her connect with other ponies. Annie has learned to accept her disability and realizes that it only makes her a stronger mare. She doesn't let it get her down which is why she chooses to be so adventurous. Annie is TERRIFIED of he dark and doesn't like flying or being in the air.

Annie is extremely grateful for Fluttershy and very grateful that she adopted her. She is the most important pony to Anthea and they share a very close bond. Fluttershy gets overly worried about Annie when she goes out on her own sometimes and Annie doesn't really like that at all but she never says anything about it. She's just glad the Fluttershy will even let out on her own. She likes being independent. 

Twilight is Annie's magic mentor and they, too are very close. Twilight (and sometimes other unicorns like Rarity) are constantly teaching her new spells and she picks up on them very quickly. They sometimes learn new spells together and have even discovered a couple new ones. 

Turquoise Blitz is Antha's special somepony. They've been incredibly close since they met in kindergarten. So close that it's rare to find them apart. Though Anthea likes her independence, she feels different around T. She likes having him be her guide especially since it requires her to be right by his side and for him to wrap his wing around her. 
Of the mane 6 kids aside from T, Annie probably enjoys being with Candy the most. Since Anthea loves to laugh, they often exchange jokes and just talk about silly things. Every once in a while, they'll go on a small adventure together. 

Annie feels like she has a very solid, healthy relationship with Starburst considering the kind of things they talk about and how much time they spend together. However, she doesnt know that Star is actually very jealous of her and her talent in just about everything. Annie just can't seem to do wrong. She's little miss perfect and that bugs Star even though she doesn't want it to. 

Nidra and Annie have a complex relationship. Mostly because they both like T. They're both rivals trying to compete for his attention. Whenever Nidra is around, she usually wins since Anthea's too nice to speak up against her. Annie tries her best to be friendly with her but Nidra usually doesn't return the gestures. 

Anthea loves nature and all the colors and beauty that comes with it even though she can't quite see it. So that is part of why she has her cutiemark. However, if you read my "Helpless" story, you will know that she took on a manticore. However you don't know what she did to it. What I had in my head was that she simply calmed it down or caused it to fall asleep using her magic. When I made her cutie mark I intended to make it some sort of flower in Equestria with a sleeping spore (idk i could just imagine there being a plant like this over there). That is her talent and what her magic is used for.  To sooth creatures and animals. She also just has a soothing presence and it calms others down as well but she doesn't need magic for that. 

Old Design: Annie by kilala97
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