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So yeah I have more other than the Sparity kids XP they have no cutie marks yet cuz I have yet to make them)

From Left to Right:

Name: Turquoise Blitz (T)
Parents: Spike and Rarity
Personality: Quiet, kind, protective, polite
Bio:  Turquoise is the son of Spike and Rarity as well as the brother of Crystal Clarity.  He is a dragon/pony hybrid. He tends to be more on the quiet side and lets his sister do the talking. However when his loved ones are threatened in any way he becomes a completely different person (pony? kirin? dragon/pony? Idk). T is quite the gentlecolt as his mother raised him to be that way.  He also inherited his Rarity's generosity the sense that he puts others before himself and is willing to give up his time to make sure they are okay. That being said, one of his flaws is that ponies take advantage of every once in while but he is so caught up in the deed he is doing that he doesn't realize it. 

Name: Anthea (Annie)
Parents: Fluttershy
Personality: Kindhearted, gentle, funny 
Bio: Anthea is the adopted, unicorn daughter of Fluttershy (I feel like Fluttershy wouldn't find a special somepony until way after her friends, so yeah... no husband for her yet). She was taken in by her when she was still very small. She is almost completely blind but is very in tune with nature and has great hearing which helps her a lot.  She is a lot like Fluttershy but much more social and outgoing. She also has a great sense of humor. Though she overall great traits, she has a tendacy to be a "pony-pleaser" (people-pleaser). She can't stand when people don't like her and will often go a little bit far to try gain their friendship. 

Name: Crystal Clarity (Claire)
Parents: Spike and Rarity
Personality: Adventurous, curious, aggressive, witty
Bio: Crystal Clarity is the daughter of Spike and Rairty, sister of T and the oldest of her friends.  She is very curious and brave which got her into a lot of trouble as a child and still does get her in trouble as a young adult. Claire can be very aggressive  and has no issue with knocking somepony out if they get on her nerves. However, Rarity does not allow such behavior.  So, as a result, Claire learned how to be very witty and good with making comebacks as a alternative to punching somepony.  Because of this, winning arguments is really difficult. 

Name: Starburst (Star)
Parents: Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry
Personality: Serious, brave, bold
Bio: Starburst is the daughter of Flash Sentry and Twilight Sparkle.  She also happens to be a pegasus. She is very brave and would much rather be out and about than inside reading.   Because of this, Star has a bit of a hard time relating to her mother.  She aspires to be the first mare to be a captain of the royal guard. She's known that was her goal from a young age so as a result, she developed a very disciplined, serious mentality.  She has a hard time loosening up and having fun which makes her the buzzkill amongst her friends but they love her anyways. 

Name: Prism Bolt (Bolt or Priz)
Parents: Rainbow Dash and Soarin
Personality: Proud, hot headed, silly 
Bio: Prism Bolt is the son of Rainbow Dash and Soarin. He has a confidence that can only be matched by his mother's. He can be a total show off and because of it he comes off as somewhat cocky to others (which he kinda is XP).  He is probably one of the most talented fliers in Equestria but the only thing holding him back is his laziness.  He'd rather chill out than practice and only gets up when he gets challenged.  He also has quite the temper when he's insulted. Even though he may seem like a hot shot or a cool guy, he is actually very silly and enjoys having a good laugh and getting others to laugh. 

Name: Cotton Candy (Candy)
Parents: Pinkie Pie and Pokey Pierce
Personality: Happy-go-lucky, bubbly, enthusiastic, sweet
Bio: Cotton Candy is the daughter of Pinkie Pie and Pokey Pierce. She is a lot like Pinkie Pie in personality but a little less crazy. Candy is still pretty cray cray though. She likes making ponies smile but takes a much less aggressive approach than Pinkie Pie when it comes to doing so. She gives great advice and can calm down and have a good talk with her friends when they are feeling sad.  

Name: Golden Delicious (Gold, Del)
Parents: Applejack and Caramel
Personality: Sweet, hard working, sensitive
Bio: Golden Delicious is the son of Caramel and Applejack.  He looks like a big, tough guy but is a total sweetheart. Family comes first for this stallion and he believes that they are his closest friends.  Gold is a lover, not a fighter and it takes a lot of effort to get him agitated. He's very understanding and accepts every pony for who they are. He is also a terrible liar just like Applejack. 

Oldest to Youngest: Crystal Clarity, Golden Delicious, Cotton Candy, Prism Bolt, Turquoise Blitz, Starburst, Anthea

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makhtar1568New Deviant

I'll definitely credit you

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makhtar1568New Deviant

Hey! These are absolutely amazing! I want to write a fanfiction on watt pad and I would be really happy if you'd let me use them for the story. Please do respond soon!!

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unicornsquad111Hobbyist Digital Artist

pinkie pie has a canon husband and they have a kid, but i kinda like this better

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Someone needs to get these pictures to fyre-flye (Lauren Faust). If MLP FIM is concluding. Then they need to make a new series with the same stuff.
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You know what forget what I said. This is Perfect for Generation 5! Because My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic is ending in 2019. This can pick up Thirty Years after where the Show left off. Someone needs to get these MLP next generation pictures to Hasbro immediately, because this needs to Happen!
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They'd need permission from Kianamai to use the characters due to copyright laws. Plus, considering how past generations used same or similar characters, there's good chance it'll happen with Gen 5 too. Finally, the book closing is meant to signify the end of this world's stories, at least in terms of an animated series *cough cough* season 10 comics *cough cough*
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Hmm... With the exception of Crystal Clarity and Turquoise Blitz, I consider everything in MLP the next generation not Canon.
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AnimeFreak2282Student Traditional Artist
so... Applejack (who btw is ma fave pony) named her kid after her Grandma? remember that episode with the crazy cat lady named Golden Delicious? I feel like AppleJack would do that. OwO edit: OH GOD I JUST REALIZED ITS A DUDE.... Maybe she wouldnt do that XD
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TwentiethBeefHobbyist General Artist
It was fun, guys. I'll never forget the Kilalaverse. But now you've been replaced, and not properly. Not truly. You've been thrown out for: Kilalaaaverse by kianamai
And nothing will ever live up to you.
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I will wish this could be the G5 MLP or maybe a G6 MLP.
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princesschickeeensHobbyist Digital Artist
Can i reference the poses
Ill credit you
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rabiesartist666Hobbyist Traditional Artist
poses arent copyrighted.....
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princesschickeeensHobbyist Digital Artist
this is.... old 
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rabiesartist666Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Want to say well done! All look great and thank you for the inspiration for my own next gen! Hope half as many people like mine as they do yours!
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MLPArtist933Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Which program did u use? Paintwise, I mean
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TwentiethBeefHobbyist General Artist
She uses Paint tool Sai
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Good bye guys, it was nice to meet ya'll.
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ScarlettHoffersonHobbyist Digital Artist
It’s not fair! I want to ship Illusion and Clarity sooooo bad, but I’m a hardcore Fruttercord shipper. XD
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softball45Student Artist
I love the drawing, but you're missing something in it. The cutie marks
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Sylveoncute22Hobbyist General Artist
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SpoofyDoqHobbyist Digital Artist
I LOVE starburst
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