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Dear grass~................... miku (fuck youz) 


Annie: *riding on Fluttershy's back*

Fluttershy: Are you feeling okay, Anthea? You haven't said much on the walk here.

Annie: I-I'm okay. I've never been on this side of Ponyville before. It smells really different. And it's so green.

Fluttershy: Oh, I see. Well I think you're going to like it a whole lot. It's very peaceful and there are a lot of animals for you to play with.

Annie: *gasps* Really?

Fluttershy: Mmhm! Alright. Here we are, Anthea! *lowers Annie off of her back*

Annie: *stands right next to Fluttershy's leg*

Fluttershy: Where would you like to go first? I can show you where your room is or the kitchen or the living room...

Annie: Do you have a yard?

Fluttershy: Oh yes! A very big one in fact. Follow me

Annie: *walks alongside Fluttershy*

Fluttershy: Here it is! Would you like to explore a bit?

Annie: *nods and starts walking around* Woooooow... all the colors are so pretty...

Fluttershy *smiles and watches Annie from a distance*

Annie: *starts hopping around and rolls on the ground* There's so much soft grass!

Fluttershy: *thinking to herself* Such a cutie

Annie: Where are all the animals, Miss Fluttershy?

Fluttershy: *can't hear Annie because she's far away*

Annie: *sits up quickly* M-miss Fluttershy? *begins to hyperventilate*

Fluttershy: *notices Annie sit up*

Annie: *looks around in a panic and starts to tear up* Miss Fluttershy???

Fluttershy: *runs over to Annie* What's wrong Anthea? Are you okay? Did you get hurt? I didn't see anything happen

Annie: *latches onto Fluttershy's leg* I-I'm sorry, I just got a little scared

Fluttershy: What happened? What scared you?

Annie: I-I didn't know I went so far away from you...... This place is really new and I couldn't see where you were and I couldn't feel you and–

Fluttershy: *hugs Annie tightly* I'm sorry, Anthea. I should've known that being all alone would scare you. I promise that I'll stay right by your side until you're comfortable here, okay?

Annie: *nods and buries her face in Fluttershy's chest* Thank you...... Mommy.

Fluttershy: *grins widely* Would you like to go inside, Anthea? You had a bit of a long day today, huh?

Annie: *nods*

Fluttershy: We can rest and then explore a little more.

Annie: *yawns and nods*

Fluttershy: Do you need a nap?

Annie: Mmhm *rubs eyes* Can I sleep with you, Mommy?

Fluttershy: Of course.


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I love Fluttershy and Anthea there are so adorable and cute I love to see more please.