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Claire: *sighs while sitting alone* Why'd Illusion have to stay home today? Stupid blue flu.

Crème: Excuse me?

Claire: Huh? *backs away* What do you want?

Crème: I was wondering if I could sit by you.

Claire: this a trick?

Crème: N-no. Why would it be a trick?

Claire: Most ponies don't........ talk to me.

Crème: Why not?

Claire: Because I'm a monster.

Crème: ...... You don't look like a monster to me.

Claire: Um... okay.

Crème: So what's your name?

Claire: I'm Crystal Clarity. But you can call me Claire if you want.

Crème: Okay. My name's Crème de la Crème. But you can just call me Crème. How old are you?

Claire: I'm six years old.

Crème: Cool! I'm five.

Claire: So you're new here?

Crème: Yeah.

Claire: How do you like it?

Crème: It's okay. Really hard to make friends though....

Claire: Hard to make friends? For you? But you're normal. And really pretty.

Crème: *giggles* Thank you. 

Claire: I bet you would just hafta talk to someponies and they'd be really happy to be your friends

Crème: I tried but–

Colt1: Hey look it's Cream

Crème: *hides behind Claire*

Colt2: Did you finally make a friend?

Claire: Hey leave her alone!

Colt1: We're just trying to be friends with her!

Crème: But you're mean....

Colt2: Uh-uh!

Colt1: Don't hang out with this freak. She's no better.

Crème: Yes she is. Please just leave us alone.

Colt1: Come on just hang out with us!

Claire: Go away! If she doesn't want to play with you, don't make her!

Colt2: Don't–

Claire: GO AWAY! *roars and flames come out from edges of her mouth*

Colt1: F-fine! Let's get out of here.

Colt2: *follows*

Claire: Are you okay?

Crème: *looking at her with wide eyes*

Claire: I-I'm sorry! Did I scare you? I–

Crème: Where'd you learn to roar like that??? That was so cool!

Claire: I....... I learned from my daddy.

Crème: Can he teach me? *giggles*  Thanks for scaring off those colts *kisses Claire on the cheek*

Claire: Oh, you're welcome.

Crème: Do wanna go play on the playground?

Claire: Um... sure.... I'd like that


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