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My Little Pokemon Rivals

By kianamai
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Yeah I had this one too lol

I was planning to do all the rivals when I made this but I was lazy and not all of the Mane 6 have "rivals" really.  Well, I guess only Fluttershy but whatever haha. So here we have Sunset Shimmer as Silver and Trixie as Eusine. Mostly chose those characters since they're both in HGSS. Also, the outfits matched them pretty well haha

Sadly, this is the last My Little Pokemon Trainer thing I have on my computer. Might make more in the future but I am still busy so we'll see XP Enjoi!

Trainers: My Little Pokemon Trainer by kilala97

My Little Pokemon Champions by kilala97
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So beautiful designs! :clap:
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OMG I would love to have the great and powerful Trixie be my Rival
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"These two are your best friends, Sunset Shimmer, and Trixie Lulamoon. They were once your enemies at one point,
but now they've grown to be best friends!!" - Professor Juniper, Pokemon Black and White. :iconpokemonblack::iconpokemonwhite:…
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tought, smart, and fabulous rivals?
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It's sooo Perfect
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They all look so nice! i really love the detail! (idk what most of the mlp ponies look like but i think i have a idea, but still nice art work!)
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tricksy looks like Katelyn from aphmau
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OMG! These are awesome!!!
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Sunset has a Charizard and Trixie has a Magikarp.
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This is so good! THis is exactly what they would look like!
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Twilight Sparkle with her rivals! Cool! :D
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Third one looks like she's directing traffic :D
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this is greatMeow :3 Meow :3 Meow :3 Meow :3 Meow :3 Meow :3 Porylove Emote 
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pretty nice 

hi i'm sorry . how can i learn photoshop complate 
is any site to learn ?
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(· v ·)
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It literally looks like you traced the pokemon trainers and then did all of this
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as opposed to figuratively tracing? Metaphorically tracing?
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