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Next Gen High Schoooool whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat XD

This is why I did that poll recently XD… I totally blanked on all you next gen artists DX But you guys reminded me! Yay! I'm so sorry, if you're not in here! It's really hard to fit a lot of people into one drawing! I just went with people whose galleries are basically all next gen characters and also had a ponysona/persona I could draw. Might draw in some more peeps later. We'll see

You guys are in here! Find yo-self!

:iconlopoddity: :iconhazurasinner: :iconfaith-wolff: :iconsilcy: :iconpitterpaint: :iconshrapnelleader: :iconipandacakes: :iconhikariviny: :iconpikokko: :iconunoriginai: :iconmachikochan:

Other great people who would be in NGHS! 

:iconlost-our-dreams: :iconstrawberry-spritz: :iconellycooarts: :icontambelon: :iconyaaaco17: :icondbkit: :iconnika-tachikawa: :iconsiansaar: :iconkarsismf97: :iconmoonsaphirre: :iconkraytt-05: :iconvesperaverse: :iconbluerainipony: :iconpurfectprincessgirl: :iconcheschire-kaat: :iconcuteikitty: :iconcitrusskittles: :iconluluflaire: :iconpandamoniyum: :icontij2ji: :iconstarryoak: :iconheavenshipperartist: :iconijessiepone: :iconundergroundcat: :iconle-poofe: :iconpricessofthenight: :icondreamscapevalley: :iconjointsupermodel: :iconrai-knightshade: :iconpimpartist101: :iconvavacung: :iconperiwinkietwinkie: :iconbiosonic100: :iconpixelart2003: :iconflow3r-child: :iconpeni-hearts-make-art: :iconalawdulac: :iconskittle141: :iconorionstararts: :iconbettybop920: :iconbreaking-cloud-nine: :iconmiesdo: :iconbroohan: :iconoreo-nlnja: :iconmonster-drool: :iconshirraa: :iconfarewelldecency: :iconfortissim0: :iconnotthemosttalented: :iconcastaspellliana: :iconassqueen: :iconmagicalgirlfriends: :iconkatiekat2002: :iconwarriorcybz: :iconsmileprettycure: :iconkhearts29: :iconsleepydoodles: :iconinfinityyoshi: :icondrawingshady: :iconwildspirit818: :iconpencillspark: :iconnintendo-lover-kat: :iconmuserkikki: :iconimybloom: :icondiamondwings17: :iconheavenlypickle22: :iconalicatamatic: :iconthelolnator: :iconradioactivedeadend:

Let me know if more people need to be added :D

This is just something I felt like doing as a little gift to all you mlp next gen artists out there :D There's like a pony analysis community and now it kinda seems like we've become a similar kind of community. Pretty cool! Keep it up everyone!

People! Chill! If you're not on here it's not personal. The first people I put were off the top of my head. It's really hard to memorize each and every one of you and then type out all your names (because copying and pasting doesn't work apparently). Just relax, let me know if you don't see yourself on the list, and I'll go from there. Complaining doesn't help at all
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Can anyone who has a next gen join? Or just the cool peopleWink/Razz 
CelestiaICutie's avatar
Howdy! I just have a lil silly question for you! Since both you and Loppy have new ponysonas (well, a ponysona and a donkeyponysona), does that mean your characters will have a lil makeover in this au? Just curious!
juneopal10's avatar
I really wish I could be like you guys like I have a whole mlp next gen and gemsona team with my friends! I just can't draw...
ilovelionspeace's avatar
* I want to be like you
ilovelionspeace's avatar
I wish I could be apart of NGHS ... :( I have a next gen... How do I apply. I just want to like you kilala senpai.
Imapieppl's avatar
I know if this comment is super duper late and you probably found out that anyone who has a next gen can join her group. It's on the right were it shows featured in groups and click on the last group then you will be able to join!
ilovelionspeace's avatar
Pegicorn2772's avatar
I makes a next gen for Equestrian Analyzers does dat count?????
Joan-Grace's avatar
What's this for?
Skai-Clouds's avatar
ThatPerson4's avatar
could you put this one in?… right one mine.
pixiefishy's avatar
How would someone gt into this
Fra-chan-18's avatar
LocketLocke's avatar
I practically know most of the people at NGHS
But the people I know the most are:
Skai-Clouds's avatar
Can I be in it?
Please Kilala-Senpai >~<
corruptioncore's avatar
Now I just need to be in the background with a shipping chart~
MoonstoneSirenity's avatar
I definately n ed to be added



im going to start submitting my NG now k bye
PenRosa's avatar
 would join and stuff........... but i has no creativity and my art sucks DX
juneopal10's avatar
Thank ya I'm terrible at drawing but I can make character personalites like that.
PenRosa's avatar
i'm decent at drawing but suck at characters xD
juneopal10's avatar
Maybe I can help you and you can help me just shout out to me
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