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Nidra: *sighs*

Lucky: Hello Princess.

Nidra: What do you want, pretty boy?

Lucky: Just wondering why you're out here instead of inside helping Anthea get ready for her big day

Nidra: Why aren't you helping T?

Lucky: Fashionably late. This doesn't just happen *motions to his face*

Nidra: *rolls eyes*

Lucky: This isn't because of a certain crush is it?

Nidra: How do you–?

Lucky: I hear yours and Amber's girl talks when you come over. Guess you inherited your mother's Royal Canterlot voice.

Nidra: Ugh. Yeah, so what if it's about a stupid crush? Doesn't matter anymore. Annie and T are getting married.

Lucky: It matters because it seems like you're letting this this hurt your friendship with them.

Nidra: No I'm not.

Lucky: Well you're letting it hurt you at the very least.

Nidra: How is this hurting me?

Lucky: Not being able to move on has very negative effects, y'know. It prevents progress.

Nidra: ...........

Lucky: I used to have a crush on, Annie, too. And I used to spend a lot of time imagining what it would be like to be with her or what it would be like if she stayed at the orphanage with us or if she never met Turquoise. I was just kinda emotionally stuck.

Nidra: Hm...........

Lucky: I learned to see that Turquoise makes Annie very happy. Much more than I could. Once I figured that out, I was able to let her go and move on. It was a little tough but I myself am a lot happier.

Nidra: ......................

Lucky: And if you're worried about not being loved by anypony else, I'm sure there are plenty other ponies who would kill to be with a gorgeous mare like yourself.

Nidra: Nopony else has ever cared for me.

Lucky: *chuckles* Seems like you've been blinded by that one sided crush of yours. Trust me, there are many ponies who care for you *nudges Nidra*

Nidra: *does a half nod*

Lucky: *stands up and begins walking* If you're looking for a nice guy to talk to, you know where to find me.

Nidra: *blushes*

Lucky: Of course.... if you're into mares, specifically the Annie type, Amber's not much different from her.



Crackship kinda?

Crackship NEXTnextGen by kilala97
Their bby is in the top left corner :D
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