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Jimmy Neutron Lineups

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Tried my hand at some redesigns!

Most notable changes are that Goddard's design is more 'modern' to fit today's technology, Cindy's got braces bc I think they're cute and I wanted to push her design towards 'nerdy' aaaand Nick is a girl!
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geezusrick1Hobbyist General Artist

Honestly, I prefer this over the originals. Amazing job!

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Gotta love how Bolbi barely changed at all. XD

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Starry Eyes Steven Emote These are really good!

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These are some really good designs! Love the style too, really looks like they could be the rebooted version of Jimmy Neutron.



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I got nervous for a second. it’s so professional looking, it got me thinking “Please don’t reboot this, I’m begging you don’t reboot, please! Don’t reboot this, don’t reboot this, don’t reboot this, dont reboot this!”

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I didn't know you did more, I love these! Nic being a girl makes a lot of sense for some reason

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Empty-InkHobbyist Artist

I totally see Nick being the transgender ftm or something- but i totally love this remake 🥰


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why does libby look like she's pretending not to be drepressed?

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NEO-Lexamus-PrimeHobbyist Traditional Artist
I like this better than the cgi designs
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AgentAlchemistCookieStudent General Artist

I wonder if they're gonna make a Jimmy Neutron Movie.

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I think part of Goddard's charm is that Jimmy put him together out of scrap and stuff left around, and doesn't look like a designed product. Even in the 2000s.

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These are 10/10 cute thank you v much

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ZigwolfHobbyist Traditional Artist

These are awesome! I would love to see a new Jimmy Neutron series with these designs.

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Lastprince92Hobbyist Digital Artist

Pretty good designs

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JMK-PrimeStudent General Artist

Don't give Nickelodeon any ideas.

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spinningtop397Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love it
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It’s The Nutshact but each Nutshack is replaced by the Johnny Quasar pilot

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"When I was a boy I sat on a banana, and, of course, that changed my life."

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These are really good! I can actually see this as a nice 2-D reboot of the series.

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I like the small subtle change you made to Cindy where she has braces.

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