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I've Been Drinking



June: Claire? Claaaaire? I'm here and brought your cherries. *looks around Claire's shop* Where is she?

Crème: June? That you? We're upstairs in Claire's room

June: Crème? *heads upstairs* Hey guys. What's going– OH CELESTIA! Crème are you okay?

Crème: Hm?

June: Claire... She's... she's tugging on your ear! Doesn't that hurt?

Crème: Oh, no! Not at all. She's really quite gentle.

June: A-are you sure?

Crème: Mmhm

June: *spots an empty wine glass* Has.... has she been drinking?

Crème: Yep. She actually finished a glass this time

June: This time? I thought Claire didn't drink.

Claire: Yeah I do! You dun know me!

June: O-oh hi Claire.

Claire: Hi Lulu~ You look rlly different tonight...

June: ........ only a glass?

Crème: *giggles* Yeah. Well... the glass was only three quarters full. Think it set her a little over the top. She's acting really silly

Claire: No I'm noooot! *starts growling nipping at Crème*

June: She's acting a bit dragon-ish is what she's acting like. Aren't you a bit worried?

Crème: Worried? Why would I be worried?

June: Well, I mean.... Claire's really smart and all and she's able to control herself most of the time but..... she's drunk....... she could really hurt you if you're not careful. She is still half dragon after all.

Crème: ............................ She's half dragon?

June: .....................

Crème: *chuckles* I'm kidding. I'm not that dumb

June: Ah. Had me there for a second.

Crème: Really though, Claire would never hurt us. Even when drunk. She's just like a cute little kitty. Right Claire?

Claire: *snuggles under Crème and quietly starts licking the bottle by her arm*

June: *smirks*

Crème: ............ why's everypony so scared of Claire?

June: Huh?

Crème: Why is everypony scared of Claire? She hasn't done anything to make us scared has she?

June: Well, I guess she was just born into the situation. Dragons are inherently dangerous. They're predators and are usually driven by instinct. Claire and her dad have shown that side of themselves a few times.

Crème: Really?

June: Well..... yeah. Lookit her

Claire: *gnaws on bottle and spits a small ball of fire at it*

Crème: She looks harmless to me.

June: Well.... she..... nngghh....

Crème: I....... I see where you're coming from. But... it's just really hard for me to see Claire like that at all. All she's ever done is protect me.

June: Yeah?

Crème: Yeah. Back at our old grade school and even more so now.... I know I'm not all that smart and a lot of the time.... I can't tell when I'm being taken advantage of. Claire's always been there to help me out when I get myself into situations like those.

June: That's really sweet.

Crème: *smiles and pats Claire's head*  I owe her a lot. And I feel like the least I could do is not make her feel like a monster. Whether she's aware of it or not.

June: You're a really good friend Crème. I wish I could be that genuine

Crème: Oh you are June! And Claire loves you! She talks about you all the time. It's really good to know she has good friends like you here in Ponyville. And I don't think being scared of her sometimes makes you any less of a friend or any less genuine. I'm pretty sure I'm a rare case *chuckles*

June: Guess so

Claire: *gets up and starts whimpering*

June: Oh, Claire, what's wrong?

Claire: *backs up to the wall*

Crème: I think her tongue's stuck in the bottle.

Claire: *starts scratching on the bottle*

June: We should help her

Crème: Good friends would help her. Best friends would laugh at her for a while and then help her *winks at June*

June: Good point


And then they watched Claire run around the room, trying to get the bottle off her face until she began to spit fire at it and almost burn the house down

From  ALL Next Gen Fun Facts!This is fan made!

All Next Gen Fun Facts! :iconwoootplz: Everything from my previous fun facts journals as well as some new ones are in here :D I probably won't make any more new Fun Facts journals. Instead, I'll just add them in here and let you know if there are any updates (if they are worth mentioning of course) I'll probably add more to the younger characters later since I'm still developing them. HOLY FRICK THIS JOURNAL IS LONG!
Valiant Heart:
Valiant goes by "Lance" 
Valiant's love life isn't very successful even though he's kind, charming and handsome. He's been out with quite a few mares making him seem like a player but he's just looking for the right one. 
He's jealous of Prism's relationship with Whirlwind and wonders why she and Prism broke up in the first place. He thinks they should get back together. 
Red June is his best, non-royal friend. Claire and Candy keep trying to convince him to go out with her but

  • Crème is the only one that doesn't completely fear Claire. Mostly because she doesn't realize that Claire can actually be very dangerous
  • Crème is the only one Claire is comfortable drinking around. 
  • Claire's a total lightweight when it comes to drinking which is why at dinner parties she stays away from the wine just in case. 
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