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Trixie: Oh Dove... your mother's not going to be happy that you broke your horn again. Why do you do this to yourself?

Dove: *shrugs*

Starlight: Hellooooo. I'm baaaack~

Dove: *hides under Trixie*

Starlight: *kisses Trixie's cheek* Dove? Why're you hiding?

Dove: *hides face*

Starlight: *looks at Trixie for a moment* Come on out sweetie. I just want a hug.

Dove: *steps back a little*

Starlight: Oh sweetheart..... not again! Are you okay??? Did you do this on purpose?

Dove: ........ *nods*

Starlight: Why?

Dove: *mumbles*

Starlight: Speak up please

Dove: I don't wanna be a unicorn...

Starlight: Don't want to be a unicorn? But being a unicorn's great! *starts levitating objects around the house* You can levitate things cast spells and– 

Dove: *shrinks back* It's scary

Starlight: Dove, just listen. You can–

Trixie: *nudges Starlight* She's just a little woozy still. Let's leave her alone for now.

Starlight: I.... okay. No more breaking your horn okay? I don't like seeing you hurt. When it grows back I'm going to teach you how to control your magic so you don't have to be afraid anymore. Trust me Dove, you're going to love being a unicorn

Dove: .........


Parents aren't always perfect and won't always understand what you're going through right away. Maybe one day they'll understand Dove's dilemma and learn that being a unicorn's not who she is

Little family scenario to introduce this new idea of Dove having Starlight and Trixie as parents. It's weird for me too. I've never retconned anything in my next gen before but I know this was a good choice. There's much more story to be told this way.

Dove has a great relationship with her parents and they're a loving and fun family. However, when this issue comes up, Starlight has a tendency to become a bit controlling and manipulative without realizing it. Because being a crazy powerful unicorn's great obviously! Why wouldn't Dove want to be just as powerful? Trixie's a bit more understanding of the situation 

More on their family dynamic will be explained when I do Dove's bioooooo
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