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Claire’s just tryina sleep, stop stomping so loud, Rare!

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After reading the fan fiction, I got the feels pulling my heart strings. This is some amazing art.
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claire: //heavily sighs
claire: can u like speak normally pls
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me: *walks in* What the *bleep* is going on..

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holy moly this is like 3 years old XD but tru

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Hah! Awesome. I love Claire's "I'm not amused" face lol
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i love this so much 
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this picture tears at my heart strings
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but in the end they make up a love each other 
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Claire: Why are you always fighting? You can always forgive-
Spike: She ate the last pudding cup and didn't write it down on the grocery list!
Claire... you sick monster...
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Claire is like really this again
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I loved theis picture and this art!!!!
Claire: I guess no pizza delivery for tonight.
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I cried D': *hugs teddy bear* i wish i could have done this with my parents b4 they split DDDDD:
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she just dont give a damn
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This is what my parents do all the time.
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Yeah! My parents get like that to. And when it happens. I just wish I would fly off the stairs, and get into another world. 'Cause sometimes it can be serious. But then again, Their just people, just like us teens or kids too.  And what husband and wife wouldn't argue once in a while- like Spike and Rarity?

Spike and Rarity, stare at me then say:-"Shut up!"

Rarity:"Don't bring our little,sweet,Claire, child into this!"

Spike: "We don't argue all the time do we!?" 

Clarity: 'I clarify to differ..."

Me: "Hehehe..." Sweating a little... Sweating a little... 
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mine too, I kind of wonder how they´re still together but They make throught it and, After 2 childs, who wouldn´t?
ImGlowing's avatar
You know what the sad thing about this is? The fact that this picture reminds me of what happens almost every day between my parents, even though they're divorced. Also, I usually read the fanfics that go along with the picture, but I'm scared that the story will be so much like my own everyday life that I'll start disliking it.
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you dont have to worry, its a little dramatic in the beginning but  in the end crystal clarity gets them to see things with- well, clarity and the ending puff flufff
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I love clarity's face shes like 
are you kidding me? 
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