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Dove: *goes outside and looks around* Hmmmm

Star: *sniffing*

Dove: *walks over to Star* Um..... hello

Star: Huh? W-what are you doing here? Don't you have magic lessons with my mom?

Dove: Um yes but I don't want to do them. And you looked liked you needed somepony to play with.

Star: You should go back probably. My mom doesn't like it when her plans are messed up.

Dove: I'd rather not....

Star: How come?

Dove: Just.... reasons. Anyways, my name's Dove. I already know you since you're the Princess and all.

Star: Oh. Hi Dove.

Dove: I really like your wings *smiles*

Star: Really? Thank you! They're a little big for me

Dove: I think they're magnificent. M-may I feel them? 

Star: Sure

Dove: *pets Star's wings* They're so soft. I really wish I was a pegasus

Star: Why? Magic is really cool

Dove: *shrugs* Wings are pretty and flying seems much more fun. And safe.

Star: Is your mommy a unicorn?

Dove: Both of mine are.

Star: At least you can play with them then...

Dove: Your mom has wings. 

Star: But she doesn't like flying. She was a unicorn first so she likes magic better.

Dove: Oh I see.

Star: I'd play with my Daddy more but he's always working at the guard. 

Dove: Aw, I'm sorry. Have you ever tried flying before?

Star: No. I can't fly by myself yet. I really want to though....

Dove: You'll be able to one day. What were you gonna do outside?

Star: I was gonna try flying on my own but I don't think I can. Oh!

Dove: Hm?

Star: Maybe you can help me!

Dove: H-how?

Star: One time my Mommy used her magic to hold me in the air! It was just like flying!

Dove: Oh, I don't know if that's a good idea... I'm not very good at magic

Star: You don't need to make me go that high. It'll be good practice for both of us!

Dove: I mean...

Star: Let's try! It'll be so cool!

Dove: U-um... okay

Star: Yay this is gonna be so cool!

Dove: Okay... *takes a deep breath* Just.... focus......

Star: ........

Dove: I can't! I don't wanna mess up

Star: You won't mess up. I believe in you 

Dove: A-alright. Focus.... *horn begins to glow*

Star: ......... *gasps* Dove it's working! Look! *hooves leave the ground*

Dove: W-wow! I'm doing it!

Star: Higher, higher!

Dove: *horn glows brighter*

Star: Wow Dove you're really good at this!

Dove: I– Ah!

Star: What's wrong?

Dove: *horn glows red*

Star: Dove? *gets lifted higher* Whoooooooa! Dove you're reaaally good at this! Wheeeeeeeee! I'm going so fast!

Dove: C-can't s-stop...

Star: This is the best!

Dove: h-help....!

Twilight: *runs towards Dove and Star with Annie on her back* Starburst! What are  you doing???

Star: Lookit me fly, Mommy!

Twilight: How? *looks to Dove* Wow Dove, you're doing this? That's impressive

Dove: ack...

Twilight: Dove? Could you lower her down please? Dove?

Dove: .........................

Twilight: *takes Starburst from Dove's control*

Star: Awwwww....

Twilight: You okay, Star?

Star: Mmhm

Dove: *snaps out of it* W-wha *sees Twilight holding Star and backs away* O-oh no. Did I hurt her??? I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I–

Twilight: She's fine Dove. But how did you do that? Most unicorns your age can't even lift a spoon. I'm very impressed Dove

Annie: That was really cool! Even though I couldn't see *giggles*

Dove: I-I lost control. I could've hurt her......

Twilight: Yes you could have but she's okay and we're all very lucky that that didn't happen. Perhaps you shouldn't use magic on other ponies for now *chuckles*

Dove: I-I could've dropped her, I could've thrown her... it would've been my fault... I'm so sorry–

Twilight: Dove, relax. Breathe, sweetheart. Everything's alright. You're not in trouble, okay? We can go back inside and keep practicing on other things.

Dove: N-no. It's too scary. I want to go home, Princess. Please

Twilight: Dove you have so much potential! You're very strong just like your mother. 

Dove: I don't want to be, Princess. Please let me go home. I'm scared *starts tearing up*

Twilight: Oh Dove come here *pulls Dove under her wing* I'm sorry. We'll go to your house right now. Does that sound good?

Dove: *nods*


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