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Jules didn’t stop yelling “Wobbuffet” for weeks much to Jessie’s dismay. Jessie and James were still very proud that her first word was such an advanced one.

Uncle Meowth helped Jean learned how to speak. Their first word was “Rocket”, just like him!
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Your art is absolutely wonderful!!! LOVE IT!

Dear, I left a comment on your profile regarding a FB page reposting your art not giving you credits, they erased my comment requesting to update the info, so it seems they don't want to credit authors at all.

I tried :,(

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Berry good
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My heart melts for Meowth

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THIS, frigging THIS has to happen for me to consider Pokemon (the anime) end to be truly satisfying XD

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omg ur amazing ily

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His next word is going to be Meowth lol.

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Too be fair I yell "Wobbuffet" sometimes and do the salute:XD:

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This is so precious! Would you mind if I did a comic dub of this? I would make sure to give you credit in the description of course :D

This is hilarious and definitely see this happening in the actual show if jessie and James got together and had a child. The kid cute and has a nice design along with jessie and James. Great slice of life comic

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Well, they do marry and get a child in the official manga.

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Adorable and hilarious that's all I have to say. :)
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I bet Wobbuffet was really happy

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The cuteness...

Thank you for sharing.

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"Wocket" Too cute!.....My....heart AGH!

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This is SO CUTE :love: :heart: And such a creative idea too!

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lol, that is brilliant.

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This is Beautiful. ;u;

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