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Dove: *sighs*

Star: Dove? Can I come in?

Dove: Mon canari? I– Sure.

Star: *steps in Dove's room and sits by her bed*

Dove: What are you doing here?

Star: Just stopped by to tell you happy birthday.

Dove: Oh. Merci.

Star: Everypony else wanted to come, but I figured you wouldn't want to feel crowded.

Dove: *nods* I just don't want to hurt anypony..... *touches the scar on Star's cheek* Désolée (sorry)....

Star: *chuckles* It's okay. I've kinda always wanted a cool scar anyways.

Dove: It should not have been from me though...

Star: Don't feel bad. It was an accident.

Dove: *frowns and lowers head*

Star: ........So, how's the whole magic thing going? Any luck?

Dove: *shakes head*

Star: Don't worry. Our parents will figure something out. They always do.

Dove: ................................

Star: You look really tired, Dove. I heard you haven't been sleeping well.

Dove: I try to, but I have nightmares. And then my magic goes out of control..... Even more so than it does when I'm awake. When I'm up, I'm at least able to fight it.

Star: *sniffs*

Dove: *looks up at Star* Mon canari, are– are you crying?

Star: I– Yeah! I just hate seeing you hurt so much..... or any of my friends for that matter.

Dove: I-I'm sorry! You should go so you don't have to see me like this

Star: I'd hate it even more knowing that you're hurting and I'm not there to do anything about it.

Dove: But.... there's nothing you can do.

Star: Dove, don't say that. And I know I can't do anything about this whole situation but... I can at least try to cheer you up.

Dove: ...........

Star: Please smile *pulls at Dove's cheeks with her hooves* I'm supposed to be the downer, not you *chuckles*

Dove: Sorry...........

Star: ........................ Hey! Look I got you something! *runs out of Dove's room and comes back with a present*

Dove: Oh, Starburst, you didn't have to.

Star: Yeah I did. Here you go.

Dove: Merci. Should I open it now?

Star: Sure

Dove: *opens the gift and her face lights up*

Star: *smiles* Do you like it?

Dove: M-mon canari! C'est beau!

Star: Put it on!

Dove: *puts on her gift* It's so soft! Are.... are these–?

Star: Yup! Mine and Prism's feathers. It's kinda a gift from all of us in Ponyville. Prism and I were the only ones with feathers but everypony else helped make it with some assistance from Claire and T's mom.

Dove: Oh, this is wonderful *giggles and hugs Star* It even smells like you two

Star: Y-yeah. It doubles as a blanket so we thought that since it kinda smells like us and is a part of us, it might give you comfort or something like that. Y'know, kinda show you that we're always here for you.

Dove: Oh Starburst..... V
ous allez me faire pleurer (you're going to make me cry)!

Star: I know you're kinda against magic and all but we were able to get Princess Nidra to cast a light sleeping spell on it and Princess Luna also did a spell thing to maybe help with your nightmares.

Dove: Wow, that sounds amazing

Star: So you're okay with that? I-if not, I can ask them to remove the spells...

Dove: *shakes head* I realize now that magic is not all that bad. For all these years I mistook my fear of myself and my... corrupted magic for all unicorn magic. So any kind of magic that can help me now would be wonderful.

Star: *smiles* Okay, t-that's good. That's great!

Dove: Thank you again, mon canari. And tell everypony else thank you for me and that I really love this gift. It means the world to me.

Star: I will. Well..................... I guess I'll let you get some rest now. Happy Birthday. *heads for the door*

Dove: ............... w-wait! Star..........

Star: Hm?

Dove: *steps out of her bed* Can I go back to Ponyville with you?

Star: Oh, um sure? What for?

Dove: Just to get out and do something. I haven't left home for a long time now, and I'd also like to tell everypony thank you for the gift. I mean if it's okay with you....

Star: Yeah! I'm sure they'd all love to see you. They've been really worried.

Dove: Can I bring this too? *lifts up her gift* J-just in case?

Star: *nods and smiles* That's what it's for.

Dove: *grabs her own cape and places her gift back in its box*

Es-tu prête (are you ready)?

Dove: Prête!


Happy Dove!

(correct my French if it's wrong)

Dove and Star are a little older in these more recent pictures. Star's around 18 and Dove's 21
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Oh Starburst you got a you always Prisms