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Candy: Hey Prism! You okay? 

Prism: Yeah I'm fine. Just thinking. 

Candy: 'Bout what?

Prism: Just stuff. Life stuff that's kinda bugging me. 

Candy: Sounds deep. Care to share? I love this stuff. 

Prism: Well ah sure. W-what do I start with?

Candy: *gets comfortable* I dunno just let it flow. 

Prism: Okay well I guess it's just my parents. 

Candy: You're having problems with your parents?

Prism: No, it's just that they're famous Wonderbolts... and... well... yeah. 

Candy: ...... So you're jealous of them?

Prism: No. It's the fact that they're just so amazing at what they do and they've made a name for themselves and... well... That's hard to live up to! There's so many expectations and everypony is always comparing me to them!

*long pause* 

Prism: Sorry. You probably don't understand. N-not that you're stupid or anything. It's just that we probably don't relate. 

Candy: What? Just because my mom's a party planner that doesn't make it hard to live up to her? 

Prism: W-well....

Candy: Actually, I think me and all of our other friends can relate somehow. Our moms are Elements of Harmony, have saved Equestria countless times and are successful at what they do now. Think about it. Claire has to live up to Mrs. Rarity and her success in the fashion industry, there's a lot of pressure on Del to keep Sweet Apple Acres going and be as great as Mrs. Applejack is at running the farm. And Starburst! Her mom's a princess for Celestia's sake! If that's not hard to live up to, I don't know what is. 

Prism: Heh, guess I never thought of it that way. Well what about you?

Candy: Don't even get me started! My mom's the Super Duper Party Pony! She's always happy! Always smiling! She's friends with EVERYPONY and as her first born daughter, I'm expected to so the same thing! Do you have any idea how hard it is to be happy all the time? Or how hard it is to always be the "strong one" helping out everypony and putting your own problems aside? And boy is there a lot of pressure when I host a party or carnival. "Hey guys this is gonna be hosted by Pinkie Pie's daughter! It's gonna be amazing!" Why do you think I'm such a perfectionist? It's just hard. *sighs*

Prism: *stares at Candy in shock*

Candy: *relaxes* Eheh, my bad. 

Prism: No it's all good. That just escalated a little faster than I thought. 

Candy: Sorry, it's been a while since I've vented. 

Prism: I can tell. 

Candy: *blushes* Well this is slightly embarrassing. I usually don't get worked up like that. 

Prism: Yeah that was... that was pretty new. 

Candy: Well, now you know that I'm a hot mess too. 

Prism: Well you're a pretty cool hot mess if you ask me. 

Candy: Thanks Prism. I guess you're alright too.

Prism: Psh that all I get?

Candy: Hmmmmmmm....... Yeah.

Prism:  That wasn't funny. 

Candy: Is that some kind of sick joke? Just because I'm Pinkie Pie's daughter I've gotta be funny all the time?!

Prism: What no! I'm sorry! I didn't—

Candy: Gotcha ;P


More PrismXCandy for you PrismXCandy lovers. I have quite a few drawings of them. Just never uploaded them since I thought not many of you were into the pairing haha. Imma have to do more WhirlwindXPrism now to even it out
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I can totally see these two being BFFS