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Don't Go

Star: Dove? 

Dove: Ah, Mon Canari! I wasn't expecting you until tomorrow. How did you know I was out here in the garden?

Star: One of the guards told me. It's nice to know that they're letting you out of the castle every once in a while.

Dove: Mmhm! I have more free reign since your mother made this little... erm... horn thing *motions to horn*

Star: Heh, it looks good on you? What does it do?

Dove:  It has a spell cast on it that keeps me from using magic. It's quite wonderful. I feel much more safe now.

Star: Glad to hear it *smirks*

Dove: So what are we doing today? Strolling around Canterlot? Going to Starswirl's wing in the castle? Or ooh! Flying?

Star: Um... n-no not quite. Not today.

Dove: Ah you have something else planned, no?

Star: Yes, wait... no.  No I don't. You see, I just came to tell you some good news!

Dove: Good news?

Star: Yes! I already told everypony else earlier and I felt like I should tell you.

Dove: What is it?

Star: *takes a deep breath* I made it into the guard!

Dove: T-the guard?

Star: Yeah! Isn't this great? All those years of endless training are finally paying off. Saving Equestria from you that one time also helped *nudges Dove and smiles*

Dove: .......

Star: T-too soon? I'm sorry...

Dove: Non, it's okay. But... the guard?

Star: Yeah. It's only been my dream for like.... forever.

Dove: Yes but... Starburst wouldn't you much rather be a princess?

Star: What? No way! Dove, I just said that being in the guard has been a lifelong dream! You knew this since I first met you five years ago.

Dove: Being in the guard is so dangerous though... if you're a princess then–

Star: Dove, I'm not just going to be a princess! I want to protect. I want to keep Equestria safe. I want to be more involved in the guard than I would as a royal.

Dove:  But who will keep you safe? I have heard scary stories, from the guards around this castle about the war, Starburst. Are you sure you are strong enough to handle what is out there?

Star: Woah, woah, woah, are you saying that you don't think I can take it?

Dove: N-no that's not what I meant! Starburst I know you are very strong but there are monsters out there that are much stronger than the strongest of ponies.

Star: That's why everyone in the guard works together

Dove: But what if only you are left? What if nopony can help you? Just like when you had to fight me? Starburst, I thought you were going to die after that!

Star: But I didn't! And going through all of that was well worth it to save the rest of Equestria. And you!

Dove: Starburst–

Star: Ugh, I thought you of all ponies would be happy for me Dove. Look I have to go. *turns to leave* I start training today and–

Dove: *runs up to Star* Attends (hold on)! Please don't go. Star we need to talk about this more!

Star: There's nothing to talk about, Dove.

Dove: Star, I'm sorry... I just don't want anything to happen to you.

Star: ....

Dove: You're my best friend! You bring peace to me, you make me want to take care of myself, you make me feel sane. Who other than my parents will come visit me in this stuffy prison of a castle every week? Star I need you... I love you.

Star: ........... Dove... I... *shakes head* Look, I-I really have to go. I can't be late on my first day. We'll talk later okay?

Dove: B-but....

*gives Dove a quick kiss*

Dove: !

Star: *flies off*

Dove: .......


Star afterwards: shitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshit

Post Nightmare Dove. She's being kept in Canterlot castle so the princesses and guard can keep a close eye on her. Star visits so she doesn't get lonely or go crazy
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I know this is an old drawing, but I've really fallen in love with the ship and the characters. I would love to see Dove get a happy ending of sorts. Even if it's not with Star, Dove's been through a lot and could use some peace. 
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 Is StarDove canon? I hope so
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dang it now i feel like doing a fanart of starburst again Superjail icon 1 
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Please, if you can answer, are you going to make something when they talk about it? Like a scene after this one? Because the tension as been killing me since this one came out! Pinkie Pie (Me why me) plz 
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Dove: *long declaration of love*

Star: "yeah....gtg! bye!"

"Dove: So what are we doing today? Strolling around Canterlot? Going to Starswirl's wing in the castle? Or ooh! Flying?"

This line or rather what it mentioned at the end gave me pause. An Star's response:

"Star: Um... n-no not quite. Not today."

also made me think. Dove mentions flying as a thing that they could do, and Star's response doesn't seem clarify it as Dove watching her fly. Also I think Dove's horn looks longer then before...

Did the Nightmare incident leave Dove as a Alicorn or something, possibly due to the Amulet's roll in it?
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shitshitshitshitshitshitshitshit XD
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ugg that scrypt is too long
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Is it just me or are her eyebrows on point?!?!😆
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i knew you'd make it,Starburst!!
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star looks like a man in this picture maybe she should be transgender
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This look sooooo great. The shading looks really good. The expressions are really well done, too. 

DovexStar my otp
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Hella good shading & lighting! Especially on the wings!
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Star's eyebrow game is on poINT
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starburst's eyebrows tho XD
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eyebrows on fleek
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EYEBROWS-SAMA EYEBROWS-SAMA EYEBROWS-SAMA EYEBROWS-SAMA EYEBROWS-SAMA EYEBROWS-SAMA EYEBROWS-SAMA Them eyebrows Demoman's Crazy Eyebrows (TF2 Chat Icon) Chica Eyebrows Chat Emoticon Undertale Sans Brows Emoji EYEBROW SEAL INTENSIFIES Not the Booty Foxy Was Looking For(Nope Chat Icon) Thomas the Tank Engine Chat Icon THE EYEBROWSSSSSSSS xD LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO
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